where or how can I learn to speak Spanish in the informal way?

I found a website online but it teaches the formal way to speak Spanish. I work with Hispanic people and love the interaction and I would like to connect with them better. When I tell them what I have learned they always say that they say it different. Please help!!!


  1. The best way to learn Spanish is with interactive course.
    There are a lot of interactive courses on the net.

    I would recommend you to start with the following free course:


    this free course contains:

    – Greetings in Spanish (audio lesson)
    – Greetings Explained (text lesson)
    – Introducing Yourself in Spanish (audio lesson)
    – Introductions Explained (text lesson)
    – Getting What You Want (audio lesson)
    – Ordering Explained (text lesson)

    Green N
  2. The formal way is good to talk to people whom you respect. Are those hispanics younger? If so they probably use slang and don’t normally talk formal. Like in english you say what up and that is normal. But if you say how do you do to some young people they will view that as different from their vocabulary. Basically the thing to remember is to not use usted or ustedes because that is formal. When referring to you say tu, he el, she ella, they ellos or ellas(Feminine). Also you want to keep in mind your conjugated endings. For example the verb ayudar means to help. Ayudas means you help in a informal way. Ayuda means he or she helps. If you want to be informal don’t say ayuda when you are referring to another person as you.

    Chris B
  3. Try asking them to help you out or it sounds like you know a little bit of Spanish already so interact with them on how you know how to speak and eventually you will get the hang of using slang. Also how other people mentioned watch T.V. and Hispanic channels like MTV Tr3s ’cause that’s more of like the "younger" crowd.


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