Where to find spanish material for study (not latin american spanish)?

I’ve been learning Spanish on my own for a while now and I’m looking to find movies/cartoons/songs etc. in Spanish to better understand the way the language is spoken in everyday life. However, I seem to find mostly Latin-American material which due to the minor differences in grammar and pronunciation is unsuitable for me.

Any suggestions on where to find non-LA Spanish material?
I am familiar with the pronunciation of simple words and phrases, I am more interested in finding slightly complex material like the dialogues that can be found in movies/cartoons. I am most definitely *not* interested in purchasing any commercial "teach yourself" packages. A link to a list of Spanish (again spain-spanish, not latin-american-spanish) movies would suffice to get me started.


  1. Why latin.. not such animal this Latin American Spanish.
    You American named Latin spanish to center and South American

    You maded this problem… so resolve it

    Frances el espanol

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