Which is better, Spanish or latin american spanish?

I want to know this because at my job a lot of mexicans come there and it’s hard for me to understand them when they are speaking to me. They speak English very poorly. I really would like to learn.
There is a diffrence between the two. Spanish is mostly spain. Latin SPanish is for mexico.


  1. The Spanish grammar applies to both variations. In fact, there are more differences between American English and British English than in the different kinds of Spanish.
    There are some differences in vocabulary, though, and some others in pronunciation.
    You should bear in mind that it’s the same language so if you learn one you will understand the other. What you can do after you learn the basics, is to work on the differences if you’re interested in that area.

    Although it doesn’t make much of a difference, I can add that Americans can practice their Spanish because of the many immigrants here who are mostly from Latin America.

  2. You might not realize but there is no such thing as "Latin American Spanish" because each country still has some differences just as much as Spain does.

    I would study Spain’s Spanish
    1. Spain is the only "First World" Spanish-speaking country—the rest are classified as third-world….better for business is you speak the economically adavanced Spanish, so to say.

    Edit: Saying "Latin American Spanish" does not equal "Mexican Spanish", because there are a lot of different Latin American countries. You are better off saying (and it is correct anyway) "Mexican Spanish"

    Bob B
  3. You’re completely wrong becuase when people say "Latin Spanish" does not mean "Mexico". There are many countries that speak Spanish and its not the same that is spoken in Mexico. Mexican’ spanish is really bad which doesn’t mean that the Spanish from Spain is the best. Many central American countries speak really good Spanish. Latin America isn’t just Mexico

    Good luck!!!


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