Which is your favorite Latin American Spanish accent?

I looooove Spanish! It’s such a beautiful language!! I was just wondering what your favorite Latin American Spanish accent was?? I asked this in another category, but I didn’t get much answers so I’m asking again 🙂
Oh, thanks for asking 🙂 Unfortunately I’m not that good enough to really tell the difference between each other that much, or at least not enough to tell what is attractive or not. But the ppl I’ve asked have said that they liked; the Argentinian accent, Costa Rica, Colombian, and Puerto Rican. I know that Argentinians have a slightly unique set of vocabs and pronounce their ll/y like zh, and PRs tend to drop the "S", and "RR" is sound like a Spanish "J"


  1. I like the accent from Spain where Spanish originated of course:) but i do like the Mexican accent since I’ve watched many Mexican Telenovelas in the past.Im soo much in love with Spanish myself if you don’t mind me asking what’s your favorite?

  2. Argentine probably: I am fluent in spanish but sometimes include an italian word.
    Given the influence of italian in the Argentine dialect, I can fit in like one of them.

  3. I like the standard Mexican Spanish spoken by TV Azteca reporters. Alot of people say the standard Colombian dialect is the best but it sounds too feminine for me. Mexican Spanish rolls the "r" more aggressively I think.


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