white guy learning to speak in a mexican accent?

are there any sites or anything that can teach me to speak english in a mexican accent? i really want to learn because its so funny.


  1. The best way to imitate an accent is to learn the basic pronounciations and flows of the language. In your case, Spanish.

    I don’t think you should learn an accent to make fun, but watching Cheech and Chong videos should help you to see how Mexicans pronouncing English sound (with an accent).

  2. Better to hang out with somebody that speak Spanish from Mexico so you will be able to learn the language and at the same time you will learn the slang and the accent. Good luck.

  3. English with a Mexican accent? Just hang around Mexicans with poor English skills. It’s kind of retarded to make fun of someone’s accent. But I guess it’s a tad more respectful if you do it correctly though. I know that the only people that can do a Cantonese accent correctly are other Chinese people and Russel Peters. Hahaha.

    BUT, if you want to learn how to speak SPANISH in a Mexican accent, the Mexican accent is characterized by being the only ‘stress-timed’ Spanish dialect. Basically, they speak Spanish as if they were speaking English or other stress-timed languages. Some syllables get streched out, and others get squished in. Compare this to other Spanish dialects, which are ‘syllable-timed’. Each syllable is spoken at the exact same speed and this is what gives Spanish speakers the power to communicate quickly and clearly. Kind of makes Spanish sound like a machine gun. Haha.

    I doubt you’re going to give me the ‘best answer’ but I just thought I’d educate a bit. -__- People these days…


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