Who can help me learn to speak Spanish?

Hey, I am sixteen….I have always kind of wanted to speak spanish, but so far I have been to lazy or just haven’t gotten to it……well now I have a job that everyone speaks Spanish but me…..I feel out of place and I know that they are talking about me…..most of them speak English too, but they speak Spanish more……anyway…..I really wanted to learn Spanish so I could talk to them……and I just think it would be really cool to know…..the thing is I kind of want to learn really fast, and I don’t have a lot of money to spend on this either. So if anyone has any ideas, then I would be very happy to hear them!! I need some help…I know this kind of thing isn’t easy.


  1. I’d say the best way would be to forget learning by books and grammar, and learn how to say "como se dice?" meaning "how do you say?" Start off with words and use them as much as possible in conversations, then go on to phrases. Don’t be afraid to try, it will actually be a complement if you try to talk their language and they’ll try and help you out. Lean phrases you’d use, like how are you doing? etc. and you’ll slowly train your ears to pick up the words they’re speaking. Also try not to be intimidated if they’re always speaking spanish. People tend to be more comfortable speaking their own language amongst themselves. The more you hear it and speak it the quicker you’ll understand it. Good luck.

  2. I come from Argentina Im also 16, and I would be glad to teach you everything I know about spanish. If your interested let me know (by editing your explanation) and I will enable you to get my email (msn hotmail) so we can chat. Nos vemos!

    Joaquin M
  3. if you’re sixteen, im assuming you’re still in school. why don’t you try taking a spanish class? u might not learn fast, but you will learn to speak it well. if you don’t like it, you can quit the course.

  4. You’ve got the easiest way to learn in front of you, man. IF EVERYBODY SPEAKS SPANISH AT WORK, JUST LEARN FROM THEM, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

    When you go to work, take a notebook with you and even a small recorder, so you can jot down and record any words and phrases you find useful and/or interesting. Believe me, if your co-workers see you are interested in learning from them, they will respect and like you; most people really love to be useful and helpful to others.

    Also, ask your Spanish-speaking co-workers what Spanish-only TV, cable or satellite channels they recommend you to start watching as a beginner (usually the best are Spanish language soap operas, called "telenovelas", and news channels, like "Telemundo". Comedy programs are very good too, and the Spanish equivalent of "Sesame Street" (Plaza Sesamo) would be great. And as a plus, if you watch the same stuff as them on TV, you’ll have something to talk about with them every day!

    Reading is very important too. If you get some of those books for kids in Spanish, where you learn the alphabet and basic words and phrases, etc., you will learn the basics and little by little you will be able to understand more and more words.

    And don’t be afraid to ask them what something they say means in English; there will come the time when you won’t have to ask so frequently. You can offer to help them improve their English too, so you get in a perfect win-win situation. The key is your co-workers; make friends with them and you’ll learn in a few months what most people can’t learn during a whole Spanish language course!!

  5. How to learn to speak spanish:

    1.Watch the news in Spanish. This is a good exercise because you will always have a context. Watch the film as you listen to the story.

    2.Watch Spanish-language films. You can read the subtitles and listen at the same time.

    3.Eavesdrop. When you hear people speaking in Spanish try to understand what they are saying to each other.

    4.Be fearless. When you are in a setting in which you can use your Spanish just do it. Most Spanish-speakers are glad to help and happy you are trying.

    5.Look for things written in Spanish in your home (e.g. instructions for appliances) and see how much you understand. This is a good way to learn new vocabulary.

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