Who of you can speak a little bit of Spanish?

Hi, well Im from Mexico, Do you think that I speak good in english?, and Do you speak Spanish?


  1. You speak very good English. I’m taking Spanish and this is what I know.

    Me llamo Emma, soy de Estados Unidos. Mi cumpleanos es el veinte y dos de octubre. Es un placer.

    I know more, but I’m not very good……..

  2. hi*!!!!!!!!!


    ok, te voy a responder en español.

    si, lo hablas bien, no se como lo pronuncies, pero si lo sabes manejar.
    como ves, es obvio que hablo español. y tambien soy de México.


  3. Yes I do think you can speak english!
    Si hablo espanol
    __?§$$$$?_??______§§§$§§§§§$$§ ?
    ___?§$$$§????_____?§$$$J§§§§§§ $$§?
    ____?$$§?________§$$$$h§$§§§§§ §$§
    _____§$§§3_______$$$§§§§§§§§$§ $$§
    ______§$$§§$____$$§§§$§§§§§$§§ $$§
    _______§$$$$$$$$$$§$§§§$$$$§§§ $$§
    ________?§§§§$$$$$$§§§§§§$§§§§ $$?
    ___________$$$§$$$§§§§§§§§§§§$ $§
    ________________?§$$§§$§§$§§§§ §?
    __________________§$$$§§$§§§§$ §?
    _________________?§$$§§§§§§§§$ §?
    _______________?§$$§§$$::::§§$ $$§
    ______________§$$$§§§§§:::§$§§ $$?
    ____________?§$$$$$$$$:::§§§§$ $$?
    __________?§$$$$$$§§:::§$§$$$$ §?

  4. yes i do im from dominican republic

    si como tu estas? yo soy de la Republica Dominicana, como esta todo? bien? Que tu esta asiendo? haha

    i know how to speak it just bot write it well so sorry if i mispelled some

    Adios Amigo/a

  5. You’re English is fine. I can speak a little of spanish cuz im taking spanish class rite now… i know how to sing the itsy bitsy spider, london bridge, and where is thumbkin in spanish! My spanish teacher is not frm mexico but he speaks fluent in spanish!

  6. Hello!!! Well i think that you know me ’cause we use Indianapolis!!!! i speak a lot of spanish, i’m from mexico, and you speak english so much good!!! Bye-bye

    I ♥ tнє ҚİŋG øƒ ρOρ !♫!♫!♫!
    ŦнiS Is iт !♫!
    ßЄƒΟrE чØu jUdGЄ н¡м, †яY hẶrĐ 2 łovE н¡м

    ♪♥ღ♫ Nayma ♪♥ღ♫
  7. I’m from México too, u write english very good but do you know speak that, i mean do you know how is the pronontiation ja ja yo también estoy estudiando ingles y espero poder aprender rápido je saldos

    Don rafail

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