Who thinks that any person that speaks spanish is mexican??

Because some people ask me what part of mexico are you..just because i look latina and i speak spanish! i don’t get mad at all…they could call me watever they want idc….but who thinks all latinos are mexicans??


  1. What?! Whoever thinks that is just ignorant and needs to go back to school: there are many countries in Latin America. Just because Mexico is the only latin american country they actually know of, doesn’t mean that all latinos are from there.

  2. NO wat the heck? maybe down South but I live in MA and we speak spanish too but were either portarican dominican guatamalan or Venzuelen not all Spanish speakers are Mexicon huney

    Miss launique
  3. I don’t think all spanish speaking ones are… but you can usually tell mexicans from just regular latinos… Especially here in Nc. Mexicans seem to have a different appearance than non mexicans.

  4. people that is not educated they dont read and they are also the ones thinking there is a "reconquista" they just dont see past the border sorry if i offend anyone its my opinion

  5. Well its people who are ignorant and dont take time to study a lil.

    I know what you are talking about, many think everybody is mexican but have no idea that there are puerto ricans, cubans, hondurans, guatemalans, panamanians, colombians, venezuelans, perubians, etc even brazilians can speak fluent spanish.

    I’m fluent in spanish, and i speak spanish a lot, many Americans think im a white latino even thoug im German lol!! just because i can speak spanish hahaa .. go figure.

  6. I agree with the first answerer. Not all latinos who speak Spanish are Mexicans. Many are from Central America or South America. Besides my dad was from the Middle East and spokes some Spanish. Not a Mexican…

  7. People that think that are ignorant and uneducated. I have heard many people say that, and it’s because of the huge Mexican population in the U.S. Because there are more Mexicans than any other nationality, when people see a Latino or a Latino store or anything written in Spanish, they automatically think Mexican, forgetting all the other Latin American countries

    Nathan A
  8. All hispanics in CA are mexican, all hispanics in FL are Cuban, and all hispanic in NY are Puerto Rican. Just kidding. Who the hell really thinks that? Do you live in the bible belt or something?

    rude unfeeling b*tch
  9. Honey, it even happens to us Mexicans, I speak spanish because Im mexican american but people ask me if Im from argentina and sometimes cuba but Im 100% mexican hispanic, at least that way we know who is worth our time and who isnt because I dont want spend any time with some person who thinks they can just ask you what part of cuba, puerto rico mexico ect ect you are from instead of just asking you your nationality and ethnity instead of thinking they are psychics.

    Alyss Z.
  10. I don’t, but then, I studied Spanish all my life. I even realize that all the Spanish Speakers who live where I do aren’t Mexicans, and that many of them don’t even have typical "latino" faces, features, or coloring…duh!

    However, even I was a little surprised to see a family of blond-haired, blue-eyed, fairskinned folks who were speaking Spanish. So I assumed they were from someplace like Chile or Argentina (large Germanic populations there), and asked where they were from. Had to do a double-take when they said they were from Aguascalientes! LOL. Obviously from some DIFFERENT influx of Europeans.

    Yeah, lots of countries, not all Mexicans, and, where I originally came from, not even all Puerto Ricans!

  11. u r so funny! watch the movie "A Day without a Mexican" They come up with the same stereotype also! they even ask an Israeli if he’s Mexican. haha
    No/ people DON’T think u r Mexican just bcz u speak Spanish and why care what people think?
    I’m Mexican American btw!

    Sugar and Spice

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