who will you want to learn spanish from? mexican? spanish?

mexican spanish
columbian spanish
cuban spanish
argentinian spanish


  1. Depends on where you live.
    If you live in a European country, you’ll want to learn Spanish Spanish.
    If you live in North America, you’ll want to learn Mexican Spanish.
    If you live in South America, you’ll want to learn any of the others.

    Joe S
  2. They are all good, cuban spanish is very fast, argentina spanish sounds italian which is very nice.. They say columbians speak the best spanish in south america. Mexican spanish is the majority spanish and spainish from spain is the most clear and educated spanish..

    All in one!
  3. if your guide yourself by #’s

    Mexico 110 Million
    Spain somewhat around 40 million
    Colombia Less than spain
    Cuban A few millions
    Argentina Like 40 million too

    (habs of course)

  4. It depends on where you live. I don’t see much difference. Spanish of Spain, Mexican Spanish,Argentinian Spanish they all are beautiful languages. I learned Mexican Spanish, and didn’t think about that. I just wanted to learn Spanish.


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