Why are mexican women so rude to other women?

well maybe not mexican american women, but im talking about the ones who don’t speak english very well? They seem to be rude to other women out in public and never say exuse me…they laugh and make jokes all the time.
they always pick on the older white lady at my job and tell her what to do all the time why is it that the mexican american women can be nice but the ones who are illegal that come over here are rude like the mexican men? I don’t think they were taught how to be nice to others!
call me paranoid but i see it all the time! This one that works at the bank always gives me crap when i putt money on my card! she over c harges me! she says opps im sorry bla bla crap…i think she does it on purpose!


  1. I’ve met very few rude Mexican or Mexican-American women. Maybe all the rude ones come to you? Who knows. When I go to Mexico I’m always amazed at how polite the people are. You can’t walk 2 steps before someone says hello to you. That’s rarely seen in the States. At least not where I’m from. Yes, you are paranoid, and please stop stereotyping. It’s ugly.

    P.S. I hope I wasn’t too rude for you.

  2. I know what you mean!!!…l am amercian born!!!!..hispanic by surname..l don’t speak spanish and don’t care to learn..that’s my choice..these mexicans that come from mexico..are very rude..and act like we owe them….l know…l work for the largest retailer in the world..l have to deal with their crap..99%..of the time l ignore them..there is not one that cannot speak engish there bratty kids are the same..they steal..destroy have no matters at all..and yes the women are rude…and nasty..and on welfare…there lazy…we have complaints from non hispanics..don want to stop there for that reason…they feel sorry for us !!! that we have to clean up after them…and the other..mexican men are jut as rude!!!

  3. This is funny: if you type “rude” and any nationality on a search engine you will find lots of links. There is rude people in every country but this does not mean they are all rude. Also, the perception of “being polite” or “rude” varies from culture to culture. For example in my culture it is very rude to throw things to other people, if you need to give something to someone you place it near the person. At work, these american ladies always throw papers when they have to pass them out, the first time I felt VERY uncomfortable with their actions, but later I learn that it is normal in the US. One guy that wanted me to have his phone number, pulled out his business card and threw it on the table!!! lol, I thought that was weird, he wanted to impress me but he was also being rude. Also, american ladies at work yell at each other from office to office (with their country accent) instead of walking to the other office or using the phone, I guess in american culture that must not be rude (though it is still annoying). Eating in front of people and not offering is also rude (when you can offer in a clean way, for example if you have a bag of chips or several pieces of chocolate), but americans do it a lot. Also not waiting for other people and start eating your dinner when other people have not been served theirs is very rude and americans don’t care!! they won’t wait, they will eat their food in front of their hungry friends. That is rude!!! lol. I could go on and on giving you examples, but it’s all a matter of perception. What may not be rude to you may be rude to other people so the best thing is not to stereotype (I can picture you thinking that what you wrote is still rude and that the examples I gave you are not rude… they are rude, believe me). There is rude people in every culture!

  4. To mari76 no she does not draw them to her. I live in a town with tons of illegal Mexican women and they are rude. Just today walking into a grocery store going in the door two Mexican women and children were walking right towards me and I had to step it up and walk faster so they would not run me over. Like they are trying to say we are here and get out of our way. I don’t get it.

  5. To mari76 no she does not draw them to her. I live in a town with tons of illegal Mexican women and they are rude. Just today walking into a grocery store going in the door two Mexican women and children were walking right towards me and I had to step it up and walk faster so they would not run me over. Like they are trying to say we are here and get out of our way. I don’t get it. And they are polite to you because they want your money.

  6. yes i totally agree..she does not draw them to her. Mexican women and men are very rude, ive tried to ignore it and say “oh maybe its just my imagination, i shouldnt stereotype,etc” but after so long i cant help but notice. They are rude to my friends and family, always have attitude, and do seem to have an entitled attitude. There have been so many examples i wont even list them here.

  7. I agree 100% I am a Hispanic woman not Mexican cause not from Mexico nor was any of my family but if I go to a Mexican store they look at me like their sh*t don’t stink they are also extreemly rude when I speak to my kids in english it’s like a big NO NO to them. I do know spanish and do speak it only when required and what’s funny is one day a group of them were talking bad about me and my husband who is white. I turned around and asked in spanish excuse me what did you say? They just looked at me and waited till we walked off to continue with their conversation. And their kids are no better cause the parents don’t care and let them run around like crazy aniamals. Js……..

  8. I am so tired of these people and their harshness. We all think why so hostile? why so rude? WHY DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE?


  9. Rude people lack class. People learn to have class while still nursing (breastfeeding). “LA EDUCACIÓN SE MAMA”. In other words, good manners are passed on from parents to their children just by cheer good example. Children learn by watching their parents. Their parents are their role model. The country’s culture also influences them to act a certain way. Overall, there is a need for more refinement in Mexico.

  10. They are hateful. I have lived in San Antonio for thirty years and Mexicans make fun of people, laugh at them (and make it a point that the person hears them).
    This morning, I went to a Hispanic grocery store and this fat Mexican woman was laughing at an elderly white woman with a cane. She wanted the lady to hear her and was showing off to the other Mexican employees.
    I smiled at the lady and said hello because I felt bad for her.
    Ihave lived in barrios for 39 years and have witnessed this frequently.

    Mama Nettie
  11. Unfortunately, those that need to see and read this will most likely not. I work at a skilled nursing facility as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. I’m a Caucasian of northern European decent. I have a 4-year university degree and then went back to school in my mid-forties to pursue a 2-year certificate program at a community college to become a Certified OTA.

    I am pretty miffed and distressed by many Hispanic women in the workplace that have little regard for others with higher education and training. But, of course, not all are like that.

    Today, the licensed speech therapist in our rehab department, who is a Hispanic and American born, and has an undergraduate degree from UCLA and a 3-year Masters Degree in Speech and Language Therapy, has had to deal with Hispanic women working in the facility kitchen laughing at her and giving her a hard time. This younger women also speaks Spanish, as well as being highly educated (7 years of college). Unfortunately, the less educated Hispanic kitchen staff have little respect for her and make it difficult for her. She is the expert in patient swallowing abilities and she needs to step into the kitchen throughout the day and request various food textures and liquid consistencies for patients based on their swallowing abilities, and cognitive abilities as well. I am over 25 years her senior, but I would still listen and defer to her for instruction on the feeding capabilities of a patient as well as anything related to a patient’s communication ability.

    As a high school student and during my college years at UCSB, I worked in the dietary department of a hospital. I worked preparing foods, on the trayline, had to learn about various diets, and I worked in the hospital cafeteria serving food to doctors/nurses/staff during the lunch hour. It would never occur to me to ever challenge a dietician or speech therapist, make their job difficult and, not to mention, ever even laugh at them! I find this arrogant and appalling.

    Amy L

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