Why are the Mexican and Spanish professional soccer leagues so powerful ?

and If Mexico and Spain have powerful professional soccer leagues, they only import players and export very few players?
despite that… I believe Medico will win the world cup!
Powerful $$$$$$$$$$$ leagues.


  1. South American leagues are way better than the Mexican league. Argentina and Brazil have the two best in this side of the world.

    The Spanish league it is powerful because of 4 or 5 teams, but there are other leagues like the Italian, English and German that has bigger teams and players than the Spanish one.

  2. Since when is the Mexican league at La Liga level 😐

    I mean yea the Mexican league has improved greatly but… I think we’re pushing things 😐

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  3. I think Medico will win because they won’t get injured and if they do they won’t for long. Medico are also very smart so that helps on the field. Mexican League isn’t that good btw.

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