Why can't some mexicans speak english?

Ok I’m not trying to diss on mexicans I’m just wanting your opinion. (I have a lot of mexican friends so I’m not racists or anything) At my work there are always people who can’t speak english and it bugs me so bad! They are always wanting special privlages cuz they don’t know our language. Like when I’m taking their order, they want someone else to take it, I really hate that. I just think that if you are going to live in another country, you should learn the lanuage first. What do you guys say?


  1. You know, I do agree with you wholeheartedly.

    but the other side is that there are so many different ethnic groups, illegal immigrant or even legal that don’t speak English but I only
    hear of Mexicans, what is this obsession.

    On the other hand I agree when in the USA you must speak our
    language, and it is up to the govenment to enforce this…..

    I think that english is the official language of this country,
    need I say more.

    Now if we are to visit or even stay and live in another country
    by all means, we MUST learn their language.

    Mary g
  2. um, well if you work in a mexican resturaunt than you can expect that. but again you are right about learning it, but hten again they just wanna get out of mexico, cause it can be bad and also, but even if you dont take their order, do you still take the tip, lol

  3. The burden should be placed on them to learn it. But if a business wants to hire an interpreter so they can get their business that is their business. It really boils down to greed….wanting their money or their votes. The politicians & business people want to cater to them to get what they want from them, but unfortunately our taxes are also paying for some of it.

  4. I believe that they should learn to speak English. Although Americans should learn Spanish as well. Sometimes they will come to the US and not know the language so we should help them. But I don’t agree with people who lived here for many years and never learned any English at all.

  5. 1) They are lazy – don’t want to take the time to learn
    2) We don’t force people to learn English – we would rather spend more money making all forms bi-lingual

  6. Learning a new language requires a lot of work and some people just aren’t willing to go to the effort. If they have family members who will translate for them all the time they assume they don’t have to learn. Foolish because it will get them into real trouble at some point.

    Lynn K
  7. Its because either they havent had time to learn the language yet or they feel they dont need to since all of their friends, family and co-workers dont speak it either…There really isnt a need to if everybody around you doesnt…I really wish they would though…Just common decency more than anything else…If you move to a different country, it should be a given that you learn their language…I guess a lot of people feel differently about that now…

    Curtis House
  8. I totally agree with mighty C. I speak spanish and english. i am caucasion. A friend of mine from columbia told me, that it took her along time to learn english because people either ignored her or were rude. they didnt try to teach her.
    so some do want to learn. Why cant we learn some spanish too. make it a 2 way street? many people in europe speak more than one language. americans are behind. one could look at it that way.

  9. Maybe they just haven’t had time to learn English yet. Maybe they can’t afford to take classes. Maybe some are too lazy to learn the English language. There are many reasons this could be. I do think that if someone is going to stay in a place where they don’t speak the language…they should definitely learn that language soon. I wouldn’t go to another country and stay without learning the language. That wouldn’t make any sense but it may take me a while to learn it. Some people are not intelligent and maybe they can’t pick up on the language. Maybe they’ll never be able to learn it and I feel sorry for them. If they want to, they will at least try.

  10. They haven’t learned it by culture or choice. I chose not to learn Spanish because I don’t want to. Some don’t want to learn English because they want a lift on others. I think they should have to atleast learn broken English or take courses to begin learning English. Although, in some cases it’s that husbands wont let wives and children learn our language because in the old mexican culture no one did anything that the husband didn’t approve. Some of my neighbors are like that and it’s a shame but it’s their life….

    Leslie S
  11. Well english is a much harder language to learn then Spanish, perhaps you should be more campassionate and teach them how since it bugs you so much.

  12. I also have mexican/south american friends….and while I don’t discriminate, I feel they should give as much as they get.
    what bugs me the most is that their kids are given "american" names such as Bryan, Tiffany, Stephanie, Steven etc…yet they can’t even pronounce them let alone write them

    like the saying goes: when in Rome do as the Romans do. now don’t get me wrong..dominicans (I am dominican) do the same thing..but at least they go the extra mile to depend on themselves, learn the language, study even a short career while working their whole lives….to save and retire in peace to our beautiful DR.

  13. What would I say?, you can’t expect too much from people don’t even speak their own language good. If they can’t write and speak good spanish, do you think they’re going to be good at english???

  14. in mexico they dont teach enlish to everyone only if you have money to pay for the classes.mexican born in mexico and raised with engish speaking parent or friend are more likely to speak it ,if you are raised with spanish speaking parent you cant speak engish.
    im mexican, american raise by full mexican parents
    (i read,write,and speak english) and i also (read,write,and speak spanish).my parent also speak english and understand it ,it all depends on the person who wants to learn .well i also have mexican friends you use me a lot to speak for them and it does bother me sometimes but what can i do.

  15. because mexicans live in Mexico and speak spanish.

    if you mean about hispanic people in the States, let me say that you are wrong. They’re not only mexicans they’re from a lot of spanish american countries.

    Your question is so stupid. (If you aren’t racist, why do you get mad about this?)

    I live in Mexico and I won’t go to your country never.

    I’m OKAY right here.

    I preffer to know England.

    Sir Lennon
  16. America has no official language (just a de facto one). So technically, no one has to really know any language to have to live here.

    And it’s not all that easy to learn another langauge if one doesn’t have the time to devote to it. How quickly can you pick up Spanish?

  17. okay, honestly now dear. do you know another language? have you tried to learn another language? maybe you have. maybe you learnt spanish in school. lets say you did. have you now gone to mexico and tried to get by with the spanish you know? (and i don’t mean in a resort town, i’m talking about in a little town where most people don’t know english, as they shouldn’t have to: they speak spanish in mexico after all)

    i studied french all of my school life: was in french immersion up to grade four and enriched french after that. I am now in university and have taken a couple french courses. through out high school my average in french was probably around 95%. I went to france a couple summers ago and could barely carry on a conversation with people. now i could get by ordering stuff and asking simple questions, but that was about it. and i have been immersed in french (at least in school) since i was 5.

    now imagine you are 35 and decided to move to a new country. you have no experiance with the language: you’ve never had a chance to learn it in school or other places around the community. and now you have moved to that country. and you are in culture shock: so much is different here. lets say you decided to enroll in language classes right away. you’re taking your ESL courses and trying to get out into the community and immersed in the culture of your new home. (obviously you like this new country enought to uproot you and your family to live there)

    and now you go into a store (i’m guessing some sort of fast food joint) and the person behind the counter waits for your order. you are struggling to read the signs. she talks to you really quickly in english. you catch maybe 50% of the words. imagine that. the person gets frusterated with you. she doesn’t understand what you have gone thru to get yourself there.

    i’m sorry, but that is racist.

  18. I like all the people who answer with assuming the asker doesn’t know any foreign language. Maybe she doesn’t, I don’t know, but I agree that all people living in the US should have a decent command of English, and I’ve been studying foreign languages for the last 8.5 years of my life.

    I just don’t see how it is racist, it’s common sense! If you live in a country where the vast majority of the population speaks one language, you should too. And if you think that the english-speaking Americans should be bilingual, then so should the Spanish-speaking ones.


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