why carry a mexican flag if you want to be citizen of the usa?

American is a melting pot -you are to melt into our culture. Not force us to become your culture. You are to follow our rules like we would if we went to your country.That means you should apply for citizenship , learn to read, write and speak english like my family did. Why should these mexican get off lightly when we did not. Check the rules of citizenship – they are not simple as to paying a fee.


  1. Because chances are the person carrying the flag is an illegal who wants to keep Mexican citizenship but work in the US for all the financial advantages. Demonstrations by illegals should be dispersed by riot police and the participants arrested, and the Mexican flags burned. Their arrogant ways and demands for the right to steal from American taxpayers is an affront to every US citizen. There should be no tolerance at all for these Mexican flag-wavers. The problem is only going to get worse.

    And continued incursions into the US by the Mexican Army should be met by a declaration of war.

  2. Well, I carry a Mexican flag, an Ecuadorian flag, and the good ole Red White and Blue.

    The latter I carry because this is where I am from.

    The first two I carry because I’ll always honor where my family came from.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with having pride for the places you’ve come from and the places you belong to.

  3. There is nothing wrong with being proud of ones heritage. is there? When it was St.Patrick’s Day,everyone carried the Irish flag. When it was San Giuseppe’s day,everyone carried the Italian flag and everyone was happy. If Latinos do it they’re labeled unpatriotic,just another excuse to hate us.


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