Why do a lot of people tell people who speak spanish to speak english ?

Have you ever thought maybe they speak Spanish so that they don’t have to talk to you ?


  1. I can see what you’re saying to some point. English is my first language, but because I work in the retail industry, I have wholeheartedly tried to learn Spanish so that I could be of better help to my customers. However, it really pisses me off when Hispanic customers get mad at me because my Spanish is not perfect, or proceed to cuss out my staff because they don’t know a lick of Spanish. I’m not saying that Americans can’t learn Spanish to help out the influx of immigrants, but it should not be our responsibility. If I decided to move to England (as do a lot of Americans), I would not expect them to change their spelling because I keep forgetting that "color" is spelled "colour" or their system of measurement because I can’t convert miles to kilometers.

  2. I remember one time I went to a retail store with my mom when I was little and this black lady got into an argument with this hispanic lady. They both went into different lines to pay for their stuff and when the black lady was walking out she turned to the other lady and said, "Learn to speak English, you’re in America!" That was a low blow and I’ll never forget that.

  3. Cusz dey wanna b nosey and kisten in the conversation im fluent in both i speek spanish cusz evryone ealse here in illinois speeks spanish thrs hispanics evrywhere

  4. Ignorance mostly. I live in the RGV, minutes from the border, and spanish is my
    3rd language (french being my first) yet I speak, write and read it better than do
    many hispanics and just about every anglo. Many native-english speakers forget
    that while amongst themselves in ANY country they will always speak in english.
    Multilingualism is part of my everyday life but not many gabachos feel the same.


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