why do americans dont speak spanish as well as hispanics speak english?

ive heard americans speak in spanish and they do it terribly while as latinos speak in english and you can barely notice that english is not their first language

why is that???
what does racism has to do with anything? im just commeting on an observation that i think its pretty accurate.


  1. Are you racist?
    Most Americans are immigrants.
    Americans do learn Spanish, but they don’t speak it.
    Same as Hispanics.

    P.S. Don’t ask this type of questions online.

    Alexander F
  2. It is because of incentive. I assume you are talking about people in the US. People living in the US have a great incentive to speak English well because almost all jobs require it. It is also an "immersion" environment because almost everyone here speaks English, or at least some English. People who learn Spanish here in the US are not getting an immersion experience – they most likely just took Spanish classes in middle school or high school and don’t have a great incentive to speak it fluently.

  3. its not racism o_O just an observation…

    im not sure that Americans ‘speak spanish terribly’, many americans have latin american routes and therefore may speak spanish at home. however, many americans would also learn spanish in school.

    ‘latinos’ may speak better english as non-english speaking countries put more of an importance on learning english, where as many english speaking countries (i know britain is one of them) tend to be very lazy. It’s sort of a, lets not waste money teaching our kids languages….all the other countries will just teach theirs english.

  4. Since I don’t speak Spanish, I can’t say anything about our ability to be understood, I can say however that I understand only about one out of every 10 "so called English speaking" Latinos. Also, If you speak to someone from Spain, they will give you anything BUT a glowing review of what they think the Western Latios speak! You should hear what Mexicans say about the Porto Ricans in-ability to speak Spanish!
    As for other languages, I am not totally fluent in any, but when I was stationed in Germany, I learned enough to more than just "get around"… In Cambodia and Viet Nam I learned enough of at least a DOZEN dialects to make myself understood! I have seen Latios in the U.S who were a BORN here and couldn’t make themselves understood in English.

    You need to get out and meet more people.

    Anthony W. McPherson
  5. I’m not going to say that your question is racist, but I detect a bit of prejudice. It is impossible to make a statement about a group of people based on your knowlege of a few. I’m not going to make excuses for people that don’t have the desire to learn another language, but I commend the ones that do try, no matter how badly they might do it. It takes a lot of time and practice to learn another language to be able to lose your accent that you obtained while growing up as a child for phisiological reasons. The muscles in your mouth have developed a pattern for creating the sounds of your language dialect. The best way to improve language skills is to practice with native speakers of the language that you are learning.
    I recently created a multi-media English – Spanish forum called Nos Ayudamos, which means We help each other, for us to have a place to come together and practice and share information about our languages and cultures. It is loaded with features and information to facilitate learning and practice of both languages including chat: text, voice, and webcam. When you have time, give us a visit at https://nosayudamos.ning.com/ . We are new, but are growing a little at a time. Hope to see you there soon.

    Cherry B
  6. I don’t know where you come from, but where I live, the english that the Latinos speak is usually very broken, and with a lot of slang mixed in with it……and with a very heavy accent to.
    On top of that, we are not taught spanish from a very young age, and rarely get a chance to ever use it, unless in certain parts of the country, so that would be another reason.

  7. For the same reason why many British citizens don’t know a foreign language and other Europeans know several. There is less incentive for native English speakers to learn a foreign language than there is for non-native English speakers to learn English.

    English is the dominant language for computers, the internet, airlines, international trade and commerce, and global affairs. While this may change in the future, English will likely remain the dominant language for many decades.

    In the United States, there is a huge incentive for Hispanic people to learn English quickly. Knowing English is a prerequisite to obtaining higher education and a good job. There is no equal incentive for non-Hispanics to learn Spanish. That’s not to say that non-Hispanics can’t learn to speak Spanish fluently. I myself did.

    Isolde S
  8. Americans speak spanish terribly? 35 millian americans are hispanics and latino. Your observation isn’t accurate at all. You really need to get out and talk to more people. I’m not hispanic and i speak spanish just fine, and can talk to hispanics in spanish no problem. This question sounds extremely racist, expecially wih the generalization that all hispanics can learn english and you cant tell it’s a second language and that American’s cant speak spanish. That really makes no since. This is the most hypocritical question ever, it’s easy to see that English is your second language. Really don’t post a question online that involves racist comments like this.

    Nate G
  9. Because we do not live in Mexico, Central America, South America or Spain. We live in the United States of America and our language is ENGLISH not spanish. Besides, who are you to question Americans on how well we speak spanish when it is more than clear that your ENGLISH is horrifying. Look at the grammar in your original statement. Most hispanics come to the USA to have a better life and to escape the poverty stricken countries they were living in. That is fine. That is OK. But this is a country was founded on the ENGLISH language and the basis of christianity. There are so many people running around claiming that they are African American, Chinese American, Mexican American and so on. That is nothing but a bunch of politically correct BULL!! Those titles only exist to appease certain groups of people. They are not real catagories. There is no such thing as an african american or a mexican american. Were you born in Africa? No? Then you are not african american! Were you born in mexico? No? Then you are not mexican american! You are either AMERICAN or you are not! Also, if you don’t like the ENGLISH language or alot of things about AMERICA then leave!! I’ll hold gate open for you at the border. AND!! I will have a smile on my face. There is an old saying, “Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!!”

    B.M. Dixon

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