Why do Americans see every Hispanic person as a Mexican?

It doesn’t matter where they are from, they (not including hispanic americans) always ask them if they are mexican or what part of Mexico they’re from. Now, if they tell them first " I’m from——-" some of them will actually say: So, what part of Mexico is that at? Or Do you speak puerto rican, mexican, etc.?
Now remember, this also includes Americans stationed or living abroad in Europe. Some visit Spain are kinda shocked that spanish is spoken their. And still they ask hispanics there if they are Mexican.


  1. These two douche bags above me are lame. Not everybody from America is ignorant, theres ignorance in every country. I’m Puerto Rican (And live in America) and it pisses me off when people ask me if i’m Mexican or if I speek Puerto Rican (Which does happen alot). But you can’t blame all of America for that handful that are uneducated!!!!!

    Aaron T
  2. American = Ignorant

    At least for the majority. Being an American it disappoints me how people from such a ‘great’ country can be so… …stupid. Americans see any person that is not white as Hispanic or Latino, because most haven’t even bothered reading a book. If you ask somebody what 12×19 is they will not be able to answer without a calculator.

  3. It’s so true! I have no idea why people do this. Is it just ignorance? I’ve also noticed a lot of Hispanic people label all Asians as Chinese.

    I wonder what a majority of Asians call hispanics or white people? 😉

    Tracy W
  4. yea thats right…..really they are all puerto rican!!! i don’t care where you go, you can find a puerto rican n.y.-n.j.-phila.-mexico-brazil………………………..

    kevin t
  5. Well not so true… I live in NYC it’s assumed most Hispanics are Puerto Ricans..

    In Mami they are all seen as Cubans..

    In the south west Mexicans.

    However, you have a great point. I will say that this is due regional difference. Since most people in Miami are Cuban all Hispanics are classified within this one group. Thus the same for the other areas I mentioned. So if you hear people saying all Hispanics are Mexicans..look around are there more Mexicans in that area? Perhaps, the case hold true, but people do not take the time to learn the difference.

    Now why do people call all white people white? Do they not know that there are differences.. Some are British, some are French, Some are Scottish, some are Irish….I’m French.. Stop calling me White!!… 🙂

    The point is…until one knows the exact group one comes from it’s easier FOR ALL RACES to place people into one common group.

    Hispanics are also guilty of doing the exact same towards other ethnic groups that they do not fully understand. I don’t like being called a gringo..(spelling) but I guess your not aware that I’m French.

  6. because this country is filled with stupid people who don’t know geography lol. I mean I saw a white dude asking a Spaniard were he was from, and when the Spaniard replied with "Spain" the white dude asked him "what Part of mexico is that from?"

  7. Because we’re idiots! (most, lol)
    It’s really irritating. I argued with a coworker last week because she assumed that some of her students were "Hispanic" and therefore English Language Learners – when in fact, one is Hawaiian and one Inuit. The other two are indeed of Hispanic descent but not ELL.
    So I warned her to never assume ethnicity from simple skin color… told her of my ex mother-in-law who is half Spanish and half Mexican and is whiter than I am… and the girl argued with me, telling me that she (my mother-in-law) can’t be that ethnicity if she’s white – that I was just making it up to prove a point. Dumb broad!
    It’s almost like going up to a chunky woman and asking her when the baby is due…
    Unfortunately, a lot of Americans are mis-educated, biased fools suffering from afflueza. << totally my opinion.
    I only hope that those who suffer the ignorance of some do not judge all of us by those encounters.

  8. The say that because of their lack of culture (not to mention stupidity) its just that they have no clue where is Mexico or what really consists of Mexico. Its just easy for uneducated people to group all of South America as Mexico. Sad right?

  9. This is probably because most latinos in the United States–especially in the southwestern United States–do indeed come from Mexico or are the children or grandchildren of Mexican parents.

    Harleigh Kyson Jr.


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