Why do americans think that spanish speaking means mexican?

Im chilean, And im really sick of being called mexican, There’s nothing wrong about being mexican, but im just not from that country, I dont look mexican, but people think that just because I speak spanish Im Mexican, I hate that.
when they ask me where are u from I say chile and they always say something stupid like is that northern or southern mexico?
Why do they classify everyone who speaks spanish as HISPANIC??? an hispanic person can be White,black, mestizo, and even asian! .. I don’t get why americans call themselves europeans, if they are americans… I know that they are of european descent.. but isnt everyone in this continent of european descent?? If a south american or central american calls itself white or european, americans say no you are mexican,,, why are they so stupid? I dont mean to offend anyone but why do americans think the way they do about spanish speaking people?
yeah I agree mexicans are indians IM NOT thats what bother me the most!


  1. Americans in general are ignorant when it comes to geography, world events, etc…… My husband is from Argentina and people here think Argentina is Palestina. WTF??? There is no such thing. Argentina is in South America. Most of the ppl there are of Italian, Spanish (from SPAIN), French and German ancestry. Mexicans (in the USA) for the most part are Indians for crying out loud.

  2. After reading this board, you’re not the only one that gets confused for Mexican.

    I’ve read answers from Filipinos, Middle Eastern, Asians, Indians, Native Americans and other people that get mistaken for Mexican.

    Its just the way we look.

    Rage Against the Machine
  3. as an American who has lived outside the united states I can honestly say its because most of them think that America is the only country on the planet and no one else matters. Sad but true.

  4. because americanos are like that. they dont ask where u from, they just go ahead and come with the only wild guess they have: mexicans. as of hispanics, well we tend to ask first where are u from. what can u expect from america, they only teach the basics of history: american history, excluding the rest of the world. no one its going to guess that u are from chile, since its very rare to see chilean people in america. the only famous guy from chile i know its don francisco, who doesnt? oh, wait a minute, white people.

  5. I have never met an American that called themselves European.

    In the US most people automatically assume someone is a Mexican or a Puerto Rican because that is what majority of Hispanics/Latinos in America are. Just correct them. Alot of Americans are stupid when it comes to race anyway, we have spent years trying to give Blacks a politically correct name and still have not figured out that most Whites in America ARE NOT even Caucasian. If we cannot get that right, how do you think we are supposed to get the names of foreigners right.

    Just learn to accept it. Alot of us think Asian and Chinese can be used interchangeably, if you have dark skin you must be African (which in the minds of alot of Americans is a country and not a continent), European and British are used interchangeably as well, and if you speak Spanish you are either Mexican or Puerto Rican. Don’t sweat it.

  6. Dear Chilean OP:
    If you do not wish to be stereotyped on the basis of the language you speak, then I suggest you learn not to do the same to people on the basis of their nationalities. You ‘don’t look Mexican’? How is that possible? I can assure you, no matter how you look, there are Mexicans that look like that. See unlike Chile, Mexico is an enourmous, diverse and multi-ethnic country where you can find ~anything, and people with roots from everywhere.

    Mexicans are ‘Indians’? Wow. Coming from a fellow latinamerican this is kind of impressive. First of all, some Mexicans are Indians, however most of the population, about 70% is mestizo -as most Chileans are too =). So please refrain from applying the USAmerican mentality of One-Drop-Rule because it is offensive and demeaning to all our histories and cultures (Latinamerica has never had ODR, it is a USA import) and also by applying, you also imply most Chileans can’t be white.

    I understand that the Chilean education system teaches you people that you are all descendants of Europeans (Argentina Jr?) and disencourages any sort of identification with the original peoples and cultures from our continent. This is sadly, but an ideology and all it takes is one glance at the Chilean people to realize that it is not the case.
    Also, the true point of your post seems to be that you are offended by the possibility of people confusing you for or associating you with ‘Indians’. Your colonial mentality is showing!

    Fact is, most Mexicans can pass for Chileans and the other way around, as the average differences in phenotype between both populations are really not that big. So just get the fuck over it.

  7. I’m Chilean and work with Americans. I don’t care if they think of me as Mexican, Chilean, indian, martian, etc., as long as they respected me and my work -which they do, so I’m fine with their ignorance. I just can’t count their states capitals either, so we’re even 🙂

    I bet most of those ‘ethnicity whiners’ wouldn’t be able to tell a Thai from a Vietnamese, or a Kenian from a Nigerian either, so why they’d expect the Americans to go back to school, and learn about their countries?

    South America has some 10% of the world’s wealth and population, and all the world hear on the news from this end is always about drugs, poverty, crime and mad politicians, beside jungles and montañas. Consider yourself lucky if they can spell your country’s name.

    BTW, I’ve lived and travelled through Chile for decades, and the quality of life is great, the food and people are good, and you can always find awesome landscapes.

    Being an unknown country is probably a factor, so I’m glad to live in this anonymous place. Our gringo dudes can call me as they want, I don’t mind 🙂


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