Why do Conservatives get so angry even when we LEGAL mexican immigrent prefer to speak spanish over english…?

when its our constituional right to? we have been doing so in America for well over 100 years and your kids haven’t turned mexican yet, so why the fear of more than one flag, langauge, and culture present in a free society?


  1. If you’re here legally, more power to ya sport. Speak any language you like, wave any flag you like… What the heck do I care? Why don’t you get with the program and start helping us get rid of the criminals?

    Pro Con
  2. I agre with you, but all children who attend school here should learn to speak English properly, and they should be able to speak proper English in the appropriate places (such as seeking a job). Otherwise, have fun!

    Anna P
  3. I’ll bet no one has ever gotten angry when you speak Spanish instead of English , I think your just being hysterical …………………….

  4. I believe Republicans have a strong, subconscious form of xenophobia going on in their mentality.

    Fragrant is right as well – they are jingoists.

  5. i guess they don’t believe in freedom of speech, that’s why they want to force everyone to speak english. if you speak both, they are probably worried you’re making fun of them behind their back. i remember your last question, so they’re probably right about that one.

  6. I don’t care what the hell you speak. I speak your Spanish as well as the correct Spanish from Spain so careful what you say in Wal Mart! I love to hear someone call me something in Spanish and then I come back twice as bad in their own language! It really f**ks them up!

    Freedom Wins IV
  7. I’m no conservative and I don’t care what today’s immigrants speak. But I do not accept more than one flag, language, or culture here. Recent immigrants, yes, but only as a single generation. If you don’t want to be an American, I think you should go back home because I do *not* want to live in Latin America, I want to live in an essentially monolingual United States.

  8. Conservatives are as frustrated as a horny porcupine out of mating season.
    Everything just pisses them off since Obama had the nerve to walk the front door of the White House.

    But there will never be more than one flag flying high over the US, and we already have a raft of cultures and languages, Spanish, and the Mexican culture are just one more. In a couple of generation that will fade as the other immigrants language and culture has.

    But just one flag. Ever.

  9. Conservatives don’t give a crap. But when laws in florida make it so that companies have to have signs and documents written in both english and spanish, then mexican refusing to learn our language directly affects our lives. When we try to talk to someone at a store or restaurant and we can’t understand them, then it is very annoying and then people try to tell us that we are not sensitive enough. To learn english in america only benefits the mexican. The question is, Why are mexicans so lazy that they won’t even learn the language to improve their own lives. They prefer to make everyone else addapt to them instead of adapting to the nation they have just moved to.

    Chris P
  10. It is your right and people of many ethnic orgins do it. But they don’t expect the schools and other government agencies to accommodate them by doing things in their native language. People expect those who come to live in the US to learn the language. What does Mexico do for English speakers? Are the schools bilingual? Government offices all have paid translators?

  11. If I went to live in Mexico or any other Spanish speaking country I would be expected to assimilate into that culture which includes speaking the language.
    I would not say don’t speak Spanish at all but the culture here in America is you learn the language, which is English, and make sure your kids learn it too. My great-great grandfather emigrated from Denmark and spoke Danish but he learned the English language and his posterity learned English and for the most part are better off because of it. I always thought it would be great to learn the Danish language but what good would it do me here in America?

  12. Because they are also demanding that we provide translators with tax payer dollars.

    By all means speak whatever language you want… but don’t expect everyone else to cater to your desires.

    I’m not even a conservative.

  13. I think you misunderstand. Conservatives don’t mind you speaking Spanish (OK, maybe a handful). Many do mind those who can’t speak English though. As a Conservative, I have no problem with you speaking Spanish. I think English classes should be offered and highly encouraged for immigrants, but not required. It all comes down to personal responsibility. You are the best person to determine what is best for you, not the government. On that note, I don’t think the government should be required to continue it’s move into bi-lingualization either.

    Kids, on the other hand, who enter the school system that don’t speak English should be taught English exclusively to any other schooling until they are fluent. This eliminates expensive duplication of teaching resources and eliminates "separate but equal" requirements. Most importantly, it opens up all the opportunities America has to offer, including knowledge of those opportunities, instead of being limited to a bubble of Hispanic community. They might be a half or a full year behind their native English-speaking peers, but their children won’t.

  14. On average, conservatives are stupid. They feel if you’re born rich, you deserve to stay that way and if you’re born poor, you deserve that way. Everything is powered by religion despite religious freedom. If you get raped, you should have the baby anyway, no matter if you’re 11 years old and it risks you’re health. I’m obvoiusly a liberalist. Speaking Spanish is your right. They mostly hate it because they don’t want America to change and have the country stay the way it is convenient for them. I get the “feeling left out” aspect. It kinda sucks to be left out of a conversation but, chances are, if they are speaking Spanish in front of you and not addressing you personally, it is none of your business. Just ignore those ignorant people. More power to you. Best of luck to you!

  15. It’s no problem. People can speak Spanish all they like. If they can’t speak English well then I don’t want them in the job market anyway. Cheers.


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