Why do hispanic speak spanish in front of English speaking people?

Im Dominican and i love my culture the food the music the beautiful beaches and the beautiful women but i think that is very disrespectful to speak spanish in front of English speaking people


  1. It’s rude in a professional environment. It’s okay if they’re having a private conversation outside of professional areas. Of all the races, I feel that Hispanics are the most closed. It’s like they don’t want non-Hispanics to get into their lives.

  2. Some might not know any English,i see it happen often.May be they feel more comfortable speaking there native language or just feel something is to private to be said in English.Yeah i see what you mean,but like i said many might feel this way.God Bless.

  3. It doesn’t matter what language is spoken, but when YOU KNOW that the majority needs to not mistake you, YOU NEED to speak in a language which is commonly spoken by everyone! I see a lot of people speak Spanish at work and their not on break or aren’t even translators!!! That’s rude & disrespectful to those who DO NOT speak the language. I would speak English while AT WORK 99% of the time.

  4. Well, I’ve lived in both the USA and a Latin American country for long enough to say that both cultures do this. When I lived in Ecuador, it wasn’t surprising to see an American speaking English in a very loud way… as if he/she wanted attention.That’s why I wasn’t surprised to see Hispanics speaking Spanish in front of Americans in such a loud way. I think that people are just trying to show off… brag about knowing two languages.

  5. I remember an Englisman who feel bad because I was speaking to my girlfriend in a bus. What I cannot understand is why he was so interested about what we had to speak each other. And we spoke in Spanish because we were Spanish speaking people from our birth. We don’t ask to English speaking people why they don’t speak of their private conversations in Spanish to make us to feel better.

  6. I don’t think Hispanic people are trying to be rude when they are speaking Spanish. I think it because they are more fluent in Spanish not in English most times. Sometimes it just feels better speaking Spanish to a Spanish speaker if it is a closed up family event. Just because a Hispanic speaks Spanish around non Spanish speakers doesn’t mean that they are making fun of the people around them. And febe you sound a bit jealous dear about: “That’s why I wasn’t surprised to see Hispanics speaking Spanish in front of Americans in such a loud way. I think that people are just trying to show off… brag about knowing two languages.”

    I’ve never met anyone boasting about knowing 2 languages. How about you learn a 2nd language so you can get over that crappy attitute.

  7. With no offense to all of you, my American friends. I am here to reveal the whole secrets. Because we are taught not to say anything because of our traditions of our parents from our ancestors as we are taught not to offend others. But, I am obliged to tell this. Now, the reason we not learn enough English very well here in United States. Because we learned to speak English of the England. So, we seem so confused to speak the Second language which is American Language which is English. In my experience, I have been taught the idiom of England and not of United States. Perhaps, we made a mistake thinking you were the good and noble and high class people believing that you were the good Americans and we of course made a mistake. The good people and noble are the English and not Americans. We apologize for this grave mistake we have done. That’s why some people speak Spanish in front of the American people because we have learned English of England than the second language which is American language. We are sorry for this. American language is not the same as England. I speak kindly with high appreciation to you my American friends regarding to this bountiful explanation.

  8. It is rude when you are on the clock in a professional environment. I had a friend translate what another associate said about me in front of me. It was not true and gossip.
    Terrible thing to do. This is why they told me but either way it is not ok.

    It is like when someone offers everyone food except you.

    Put yourself in the situation you don’t speak german and you are in america in a company that requires you to be able to speak english. It is a requirement in every U.S. business I have worked for. If you are on unpaid time, speak whatever.
    Kids used to speak pig latin in public school. do you know why?


  9. I understand that English is not everyone’s first language but, if you are working in a professional setting then you probably know enough English to communicate effectively. Some words do not translate the same. But, if how can you expect co workers who do not speak that language or customers as well to not think there is something that you don’t want them to know when their presences is known and the conversation quickly changes to another language known by a few in the room. Unless you translate what the side conversation is about then it is rude. It is excluding others intentional or not. Please be aware of this in the work place. It is discrimination and someone could file a complaint.


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