Why do I have to be mexican to find a better job?

Seriously. The job always goes to a mexican that speaks no english and has half, if any, experience. I have found this issue to be more recurring during the down times of the economy and it seems like if your white your "over qualified" for jobs like fast food, farm fields, janitorial services, even government jobs. I have not a damn clue what is happening with this country. Anyone want to educate me on the fact of the matter?


  1. I feel your pain, I am trying to get work in Australia and my family have been here for over 13 generations and the jobs are going to the immigrants. So I have to migrate to another country to get work. I have looked at going to the states and unless you have a degree you aren’t meant to be able to get a work visa. The employer is meant to prove that they are not taking a job away from an American. I am a farmer of 10 years experience and I cannot get a job because no one can prove that I am not taking a job away from Americans. So I dont know why the mexicans are winning.

  2. Im sure that "over-qualified" is a euphemism. You either lack ambition to be applying for a job that a Mexican would do, or are too stupid to realize that you’re experience entitles you to other opportunities. Either way, I wouldn hire such a lazy sack of shite.

  3. Those dad burned Mexicans are taking all the Doctorin and Lawyerin jobs!

    Seriously – it is no weird coincidence that immigration laws for some reason are not enforced. Illegal immigration lowers the cost of labor. The powers that be want it that way.

  4. I agree there are more available jobs for spanish speaking individuals then of other races. I choose not to identify myself when they ask what race I am, that way if they call and want me to come in for a interview I at least have a fighting chance. It’s not fair that a job description may fit my qualifications, but at the end of the description they ask for biligual speaking preferred. WTF!! I pay taxes and I am a legal citizen. It’s hard out there for everyone, so at least everyone should be given a fair chance. AND THAT’S NO DISCRIMINATION!!!

    Black African American Woman

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