Why do I have to speak Spanish to get a job in AMERICA?

I live in El Paso where the population is predominantly mexican, i have been trying to get a job for weeks, but every job i apply for i get turned down because im not billingual. i have two kids to feed and the bills keep coming. it makes me so angry. why cant they get out and live in thier own country? they could make it like america if they like it here so much. im sure mcdonalds would open up a chain down there.
i dont think you idiots understand that in america the official language is english. and just because mexicans invaded shouldnt mean that i have to learn thier language to work.


  1. But we must feel for the poor non-English speaking illegal immigrants. You are simply an American too closed minded to even learn their language, so no-one cares about you and your family. These illegals have more rights then you do, if you stare at the constitution long enough (LSD also helps) you will see quite clearly this was the framers original intent.

    Note: For those of you in Rio Linda, that is called sarcasm. The sad thing is that some of you knuckleheads will agree with it.

  2. It’s called the invasion is working.
    The illegals don’t care about a better life,or they’d legally come here and try to assimilate.
    My advice,move to an English speaking country.

    Fish <><
  3. You need to have marketable skills anywhere to get a job. I think in your area knowledge of Spanish is a marketable skill. Did you ever consider learning the language if you want a better chance at employment in El Paso? (If you want to be hired in any area of the country, you have to be able to supply the skills that an employer is looking for, just makes sense. . .fortunately you have the choice to learn a new skill.)

  4. It sucks but its because its the second language of the country basically. You can communicate with more people if you were bilingual.

    Good luck with ur job search (i havent been able to get a job ever, because i not bilingual…. i live in california aka new new mexico)

    Chiquita G
  5. My advice: Move or learn Spanish… adaptation is man’s best attribute… if you fail to adapt then you will cease to be, in your case not get a job, not have money to pay for bills… you say it is not fair that you as a citizen of the US cant get a job because you are not billingual… well, it is not fair for Mexicans that their country is poor ad the only way that they will have a shot at a god life and that their kids will get a good education is to jump the border. Oh and before you say that it is their fault for not making their country rich… think about your situation, without a job you are not making the US better, you are actually making it worse… (BTW I am a US Citizen, just like you, I adapted though).

  6. if you lived in an area that had a large population of gibberishtians (and for the sake of the example lets say they are all legal) companies would no doubt, because a companies first responsibility is to make as much money as it can, ask for employees to speak gibberish so they can better cater to this group.

    while i feel for you in your struggle to find employment, it doesn’t matter what an official language of a country is, an employer or company can ask for any qualifications that they want to. they could ask for you to speak czech even if there are no czechs living there. i know its pushing the example a bit far, but to get a job as a surgeon you would need to have surgeon qualifications. people are expected to meet what is needed, required, and requested in order to get hired for a job and it has nothing to do with what the official language somewhere is.

  7. Keep looking. I live in Texas too and most jobs don’t require this. Why not look into some job training programs? The Mexicans didn’t cause your predicament. If you get public assistance, ask them abt job training programs, do a net search for some. Many also have childcare programs that are part of the entire program. It sounds like you need this to better yourself and perhaps get skilled and trained to get those better jobs. Consider relocation…get some child support and help from family and friends if you can. A real problem is there are so many applicants for every single job opening.

    cheryl h
  8. I totally understand what you mean. Me, living in an area with a high Hispanic and Haitian population, it does make me a bit angry when I see that so many jobs would prefer you to be bilingual. The angry part of me just wants to say, "Hey! Learn how to speak English or leave the country." The reality is that people will be here and continue to come here that won’t be able to or want to speak English. The truth is that these people are here for better or for worst.

    There does need to be bilingual services for them, especially to help them become productive members of society. English has not been declared the official language of America so if they don’t want to become Americans, they don’t have to learn English. From experience, I know that it is better to provided services to people where they are or else they run the risk of becoming a cancerous growth that spreads rapidly throughout society, affecting all.

  9. Isn’t it amazing how the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT is passed. Yet, this law has been violated more, as time pass. No such thing as being bilingual. You had to read, speak and understand the american english!
    Remember when you just filled out an application for a job? Since 1986, in order to prove your citizenship, you need two forms of ID.
    In the state of NJ ( enforced in the summer of 2003), in order to renew your driver’s license, you need identification equaling to a minimum six points. This is to curtail illegals obtaining a license (we know it’s a farce. $$$). Also, to renew CDL, you must submit to a digital fingerprints (again,$$$), which is biased.

  10. That’s a shame… No you should not have to speak Spanish to get a job. Did you tell the employers that its "racial profiling" or "unfair treatment" Go and complain to every congressman you can. Be the one to complain on our side. Give em’ a shot of their own medicine. The only reason to know Spanish is to know what those little weasels are talking about when they think no one is listening.

  11. Unfortunately, if you do not have more skills than an immigrant worker then you’re in trouble.

    To gain skills you can go to school (which costs money) or volunteer (which costs nothing). Through volunteering you can learn skills and get references for jobs. A good site is https://www.volunteermatch.com

    A creative answer which you may not like is to move to Mexico. Or, you could take a Spanish class.

  12. OMG English ISN’T the official language of USA,and you should kno that!There must be a reason why they ask Spanish: they are more people speaking Spanish then ones who speak English so yes you have to be bilingual. Same applies in Canada, if you want to have a very well-paid job at the government, you have to speak both French and English, actually only people from Quebec have the skills for that.


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