Why do imigrants in america still speak mexican?

I always see imigrants speeking mexican everywhere I go. Why do they still speak that language even after they move here? I think its rude because they could be sayin mean things about me.


  1. No one speaks mexican, they are probably speaking spanish and learning a foreign language is difficult. Have you ever tried it? I highly suggest it. If this is a major problem for you then learn spanish so you know what they are saying and can respond.

  2. I think they don’t want to be Americans, they want only the good things from our country but don’t care enough to learn our language.They have no respect for America.
    My father refused to teach us his native language(Russian) because he wanted to be an American and have his kids be Americans.Once you leave your old country for a new one, you should respect the people who live there and learn their ways.

    Marilyn T
  3. First of all, the language is NOT "mexican"… the language is correctly called Spanish. Spanish is a legitimate and commonly spoken language all over the world. Just like English.

    Besides, not all immigrants speak Spanish. People come to the US from all over the world, many of them are English speakers.

    If you’d stop being so paranoid and bigoted and rude yourself or just plain mind your own business, then you wouldn’t have to worry about getting talked about…in any language.

  4. why does it matter to you you shouldnt care what others say about you care about what god thinks of you. besides this is america you can say or speak whatever you want all races are sharing this state so let them do what makes them feel confortable and maybe they dont have the time and money to take ESL classes.

  5. Because they dont care to speak english and associate with us, which to me is disrespectful to Americans, black white hispanic and asian alike. There is NO excuse other than what I have layed out. People come from living in grass huts to live here and make an effort to learn the language of the land instead of imposing and expecting all of us to learn spanish to cater to them. So far they’re winning. Just think about the poor Asian or African who comes here, had to learn english, then gets here and finds he has to learn YET another language.

    Jenny O
  6. I sometimes do that (speak Spanish) in public with my family. I do it because I can and because it’s nice to speak a language other than English (which I have to speak most of the time with other people). Its not rude if your around people that understand you; however, if you have one or two friends that don’t speak that language then yeah it is a little rude.

    † Oh yeah

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