Why do many Americans(from the USA)who are of Mexican ancestry do not teach their children Spanish?

In Texas a large percentage of Americans who are of Mexican ancestry are non Spanish speaking,and most are highly assimilated in the sence that English is their first language,and they do not hold on to any Mexican cultural ancestral values.I see this more often in the 4th and 5th generation USA born Mexican American peoples.


  1. I’ll put it to you like my father put it to me.
    He was a first generation American that came legally to the US in 1927 from eastern Europe.
    As a child, I asked him to teach me his native language.
    He out right refused saying that we are now Americans and we should forget the "old ways" and be happy where we are now.We weren’t moving back to the Ukraine so why bother learning a language from a place that you decided to leave.He wished us to "fit in" to the American lifestyle and not stand out as outsiders.
    I do believe knowing more then one language is very useful but I am sure these parents have their reasons for not teaching their children a language since English is mostly the first one spoken in America.

    Marilyn T
  2. With my grandparents on CA, they didn’t teach their kids Spanish because of the racism that permeated and they felt the kids would be less maltreated if they didn’t speak spanish.

    Speaking Spanish as I understand was looked down upon and people were thought to be stupid if they spoke spanish.

    My grandparents (on both sides) definitely still have a chip on their shoulders for being Mexican in America. They sometimes still think people don’t like them because "I’m Mexican".

    As a product of this, I’m the whitest Mexican I know and have assimilated and have very little connection to the Mexican community. My grandparents succeeded in that respect of making me American instead of Mexican.

    Jon J
  3. I’m not Mexican, nor am I that fluent in Spanish. (I wish I was, its a sexy language.) But hell if I spoke Spanish, every single one of my family members would. I don’t understand why they won’t teach them their language, or about their culture, its beautiful!

  4. Although I agree with you, America is a melting pot, which often means losing your identity to forge a new one. Virtually all white Americans gave up their old cultural identity to became Americans, and look what it got us. We are confused and have no sense of belonging.
    The argument for assimilation and a common language is a compelling one also, because one cannot have a united, cohesive country based on differences. It just guarantees ethic strife.


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