Why do many Filipinos swear and attack Mexican immigrant,but rarely USA Americans who are of Mexican ancestry?

I have witnessed this alot in Daly City,CA and the peninsula.And by the way simply because most Filipinos speak English when coming to the USA from the Phillipines does not make them any "better" than the Mexican immigrants who barely speak any English.


  1. just a hypothesis… you know, the philippines was colonized by Spain (who speak Spanish like the Mexicans) for 333years and maybe its some left-over resentment… The Spaniards were lords of the land and Indios (the term used by the Spaniards to call locals) are second-class citizens. Most Filipinos dislike Filipinos who speak Spanish because it patronizes Spain and there are tight-ass Filipinos who place themselves above others just because they have a Spanish ancestry and speak the Spanish at their homes.

  2. I have yet to meet a single legal immigrant who doesn’t absolutely despise all illegal immigrants and those whom they assume to be illegal immigrants.


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