1. You said it: it’s because they’re nationalists. They believe that these people of Mexican families must speak Spanish, have loyalty to Mexico, and wave the Mexican flag. They’re arrogant people. It’s like they want their own culture to overshadow the American culture.

    Btw, that whole "Mexican-American" thing is very stupid. They’re Americans period.

  2. because right before the American part, there is a Mexican and it is part of their culture. They feel as if you left your culture because it wasnt good enough for you. Michelle

  3. I guess they feel they’ve "betrayed" them or something.

    I even heard Japanese people get antsy when a native of Japan comes back from travel and speaks English TOO good.

    But someone may be Spanish and was probably never taught the language. Not their fault and I dont care WHAT they say, Spanish is NOT easy and it goes way too fast. But if I could speak it, I’d be delighted cuz it’s a pretty language.

    Shelly's Fantasy
  4. I don’t hate it.. Not exactly

    The thing is that usually, when a Mexican American doesn’t speak Spanish, it is because he or she is ashamed of their origins, and that is sad… It is as if the believed that we are not worthy of them anymore.

  5. Because it might be embarrassing. Like when a black person hears another person speaking Ebonics. It’s humiliating to other Mexicans, I suppose. I’m only guessing.

    I Got My Baby Daddy.
  6. Because it’s as if Mexican Americans "sold out" their identities and assimilated, it’s as if they’re trying to be white, they’re trying to be too American… Conservatives who keep things traditional gripe about that because they believe that a Mexican should keep a sense of self-identity wherever they go.

    Native Americans are like that too. When a city Indian comes back to the reservation, people make fun of him or her, because they are city-slickers and probably can’t say their tribal clans in their Native language, or say hello to their relatives in their language, or anything. It’s like they’re lost people, no identity, no language, nothing. They’re not Native anymore. My tribe didn’t like it when I learned Japanese. My tribe is Navajo. You ever hear of the codetalkers fighting Japanese in WWII? lol

    Not only do the Nationals think that the Mexican Americans sold out, Mexican Americans feel pressured by American society as well. Speaking Spanish might promote a negative image in the minds of the uneducated masses, and provoke arguments about the border, and all that crap that America has issues with. Of course a person might be compelled to stick with English.

    We were taught to be embarrassed of our native language in boarding schools. Now people cannot speak it, or don’t want to, because they might look stupid or dumb, or traditionalist. It’s really something.

  7. because they think they are less loyal to their home country then. Its like that with all ethnicities, if you act more american by say speaking english, you are less italian, german, polish, dominican, cuban, french, mexican, korean, chinese, etc.

  8. We (Mexicans) dislike that Mexican-Americans don’t speak Spanish because the language has alot to do with what a Mexican is. It’s not that we are arrogant and want to wave our flag over other flags. It kind of hurts that someone is willing to proclaim themselves to be Mexican, but only in name.

  9. Here it is. Your heritage is Mexican you are not required to speak the language if you were born and raised in the US. If you travel abroad learn some basics to communicate in any country they aren’t required to know english and there are many parts of Mexico the people don’t accomodate. Yes, folks (I hope not all) from Mexico think this is some fate worse than death, you are ashamed of your heritage and they are more Mexican than you. Well they are more Mexican they were born in Mexico we were born here and American even though not all Americans think so. I say this, if Mexico broke out in a war with some island like Cuba if you were born here would you go and fight? If you took the oath to stay here would you go and fight? There are a lot of people here that don’t speak their native language we live in a country where the language is english. I actually think those that come from Mexico and take the oath to be American should be looked down at, those people are turning their back or does the oath they speak a lie and if it is how are you better than anyone else? When I speak spanish I sound like a Mexican trying to speak english this is why I don’t speak spanish and Mexican for the most part don’t speak english. The other reason/s laziness, bad memorization, did’t live in a spanish speaking neighborhood etc, etc. Here is a funny: I friends that were first gen Americans and they used to make fun I didn’t speak Spanish and my parents both were from here as well as a grandmother but none of them ate menudo but I do so who is more Mexican? Can’t we all get along in any language?????

    Joe Soto
  10. Okaayy I’m mexican american and I know how to speak both languages right , most peaple say that I look white and they freak out as soon as they find out I’m mexican lol ok anyways when I see a mexican looking kind of person I just start speaking spanish and expect them to understand what I’m saying becouse they look as if they were seperated from the aztec tribe lmao but then I find out that they didn’t understand a word I said omgg!! That drives me insanee and then they would be like “this is america learn english” that response just makes me want to slap someone they act as if they were white or something lol
    Or when mexican-american people start making fun of mexican nationals just becouse they don’t know english makes me real mad lol
    The point is they actually think they are white

  11. Me as a Mexican American I know both languages and im not ashame. Why? because i feel smarted and i can help spanish speakers to communicate. I totally agree with your Daniela and i just find it hard to understand. I even have friends of other ethnicities that try to learn spanish and that makes me happy. In my head when i see other mexican americans non spanish speakers makes me a little angry but then i think of my friends and I laught it off. The only ones that look stupid are them because they have low selfesteem and don’t fit anywhere but their little shame group. Seriously for does who are ashame try to speak it trust me it’s not going to kill you and if your the stubborn type you’ll just look non educated because you look straight out mexican.

  12. The only people that I hate, and yes I am Mexican well half Mexican half Chinese, is the ones that call themselves Mexicans, wave a Mexico flag around, make fake or exaggerated accents, or keep saying “raza” alot and when you speak to them in Spanish they can’t speak it or bearly understand it. I live in a border town so I grew up with spanish as my first language and didn’t learn english until I was 8, no exaggerated accent, no cholo low-rider, bald only wear a sleeveless white shirt with a color bandanna guy and I get pissed when idiots that try to pass themselves as mexicans or latinos, because god-forbid you call them mexican (they find it offensive) try to act like what they think mexicans act like in mexico. There’s a reason that stereotypes exist racism and stupid actions taken by idiots that think they’re all that, but can’t represent even what runs through their veins.

  13. For those of you who said that you get mad because Spanish is part of being Mexican, you are really stupid. Did you know that only 87 percent of Mexico speaks Spanish? I am mexican my parents being from Yucatan , but don’t speak spanish because parents did not learn spanish we know another language. so don’t be telling people they are not mexicans because they don’t speak spanish you ignorant poop

  14. I was born in America. I cannot speak Spanish (although I do understand it.) I consider my self Mexican-American. I don’t speak it because my parents never spoke it to us regularly. I know mixed in words and have an accent sometimes, but i don’t speak it fluently. People say I am white. I say that I know what I am. I know mexican culture and live it. I think that’s good enough.

  15. I am Mexican American. I go anywhere in the world, especially Spain, and people might treat you like trash, not because of language, but because of the color of your skin. What bothers me, is the arrogance of my own people hating me because I cannot speak Spanish. I wish they would see what the US was like in the 1950’s and you were considered a low human being for eating tacos. That’s BULLSHIT. Its like someone who is educated can’t be black. I am Mexican American from Texas, was not taught Spanish for the racism my family went through, they want me to not struggle as much as they did, and now I put up with this shit? You got a problem with this?

  16. You do not have to speak spanish to be mexican in mexico there are a lot of people that dont understand spanish and they were born there its becouse they speak their indian language like Tarasco, Mayan, , Aztec, Amuzgo, Cocopa, Yaqui, Popoloca, Zapotec, Tipai …etc…etc. And its true back then in the 1950s teachers used to bet you up for speaking spanish made them wash their mouth with soap in schools in Texas, and California they made people feel scared, ashamed of speaking spanish thats why some people did not speak their language they did not teach it to their kids for that same reason. There are movies about it. People should still be considered mexican becouse of where they came from not by what they speak.

  17. see,this is where my problem strikes as well.
    my boyfriends parents are from mexico but i was born in texas.
    it is very difficult for me to speak spanish,and i feel terrible because of that simple divide. It keeps me from getting to know them,and ive tried so hard to learn spanish,it just doesnt work for me.

    I feel like a disgrace,because my family can speak spanish,but i cant.

    its just so stressful,and it literally keeps a divide from myself and his family.

    i just wish i could get to know them….


  18. I find all the comments on this page very interesting. As you can see there is not one answer to the question “Why do Mexican nationals hate when Mexican-Americans can’t speak Spanish.” It can’t even be proven that this is true. I think that speaking Spanish or any language for that matter is such an advantage. I am Mexican-American and I speak both English and Spanish fluently. Reading the comments on this page has made me see different points of view on this topic and understand many things that were unclear to me before. For example, I had always wondered why parent(s) didn’t teach their children their native language.

    On a different note the question: “Why call oneself Mexican-American?” When I am asked this I always explain that I am American because I was born in America. The title Mexican is added because my parents were born in Mexico and that is the ethnic background I identify with. Knowing what you are and being able to fully understand how and why can clear many misconceptions. Race, ethnicity and nationality are sometimes used interchangeably, however, they do not have the same meaning.

    My nationality: American
    My race: Hispanic
    My ethnicity: Mexican

    They are not listed in any specific order

  19. I am a third and fourth generation American from Texas with 100% Mexican decent. My parents taught me some Spanish but I grew up in a mostly white area. There was no reason for me to speak Spanish fluently because everyone spoke English. I do enjoy speaking Spanish when necessary but it isn’t fluent. My children have 1/2 mexican decent and 1/2 Italian decent. I leave it up to them if they want to learn a second language.
    Not all mexican nationalist hate Americans with Mexicant decent that can’t speak english. The ones that do may have mixed reasons like some have mentioned. Overall I believe that some hate American’s with Mexican decent because they are Americans. It is something that they and many others wish they could be. I am proud to have Mexican blood but I am more proud to be an American. My close friends and family are not just Mexican. They are a mix of almost every culture in this world and they are Americans.
    I do enjoy seeing the Mexican flag waved just as a Scott enjoys seeing a Scottish flag waved, however my flag is the American flag. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  20. As the son of Mexican immigrants, I have spoken Spanish fluently my entire life and even studied it through college. (though I majored in something else)

    The truth is, those same Mexicans nationals who look down on Chicanos as Pochos for not knowing Spanish, and I’m not saying they all do, still love to needle me about being born in the US…

    or for going to college
    or for watching American football
    or for thinking Corona is chilled urine
    or for not cooking with lard
    or for buying tortillas instead of making them
    or for having never been to some God forsaken village 250 miles from paved roads in the middle of nowhere

    Basically, you can’t win. 🙂 So don’t lose too much sleep about it. Even if you dedicated yourself to learning Spanish and mastered it, those same dopes would just move on to their next complaint.

  21. This whole idea of nationals not liking Mexican Americans is not exactly a complete truth.Some dont understand that those of us born here and whose ancestors have been here awhile,have chosen not to pass the language on for whatever reason.And maybe that is a big mistake!Its not that they were ashamed of thier heritage,but in time the predominate langauge(english), is used more and more and Spanish less and less. Both groups get along eventually . One thing I have noticed is that Mexican Americans are not ashamed of thier heritage,but we are still called mexicans at work places and in general coversation.I have a problem with that,we who are born here are AMERICANS just as people of European heritage.And should be addressed as such!

  22. I am mexican and I don’t know spainish recently I went to my faimlys hometown which is in washington state, I was made fun of, even isolated were I couldn’t talk to anyone, I have no other choice but to be here and learn spainish, but how dare anyone do that coming to a land where english is dominate. Making me ashammend to even speak english, I love my culture yes , but my parents choice to raise me the way they did, “oh I don’t like it when they say why don’t they know english” well its true if I went over there it would be the same. I am american i speak english no shame in that . Also no shame in me not knowing spainish the culture here is different its not mexico, its america and no one else should ever be put in the position I am in!

  23. i’m african american(a real one,my father is african)
    people are brain washed , spanish is NOT a mexican language.
    it’s from spain. it’s not mexican heritage ,but alot of mexicans think it is.its not your “roots”.sorry to tell you
    this ,but you were colonized ,over ruled by the Spaniards.
    thats why mexicans speak spanish.i feel sorry for the mexicans
    that don’t speak spanish,because you have to put up with ignorant people!

  24. Wow i’ve read through all of these comments and while i can understand where some of you are coming from I really have to address some complete lack of knowledge also.
    First off @Joe Soto, you wrote one of the most igorant comments i’ve ever seen: “if Mexico broke out in a war with some island like Cuba if you were born here would you go and fight? If you took the oath to stay here would you go and fight? There are a lot of people here that don’t speak their native language we live in a country where the language is english” first off learn your history! Here it goes, it’s called the repatriation act employed by president Hoover in 1930, it deported around 1.2 Million Mexican Americans who were citizens! Yeah citizens, they didn’t give a crap if they were because they just snatched them from everywhere they could find and put them on a train to the middle of mexico so they couldn’t find their way back. These people who were supposed to be Americans but are never going to be looked as such ever. Do you know what the U.S government did then? When WWII broke out they sent draft letters to those people in Mexico telling them they had to serve the country because they were citizens. And those stupid people went because they were sure that if they went and died for the country they were spit on by, then they would surely be accepted. But they weren’t, we were second class citizens then, and we’re second class citizens now. You say we’re American but what does American mean? It’s a land made by immigrants. Second, the language isn’t english. If you don’t believe me look it up, the U.S doesn’t have an official language, english is just the majority.
    @Petrocon: you say we were opressed in the 1950’s and I give you that. But we’ve been discriminated against since before, I gave one example already, another, operation wetback 1954-58 president Eisenhower. They deported 1M mexicans and anyone who looked Mexican, even Native Americans got deported, these were people who spoke only english and had never been to Mexico of course they felt like crap and were made fun of. That is when they embraced their Mexican roots because the American side didn’t want them, it’s called reactive ethnicity.
    I’m not telling you all to go learn spanish or be ashamed that you don’t know. I am however telling you not to judge those who are waving their Mexican flag around, they wave it because they are proud of where they come from and the language they speak. Do you think that just because you speak english it’s going to save you from discrimination in places like Arizona if you still look like a mexican? Those who still believe whole heartedly that America embraces all cultures. Tell me this, why do they want to ban latino cultural studies in Arizona schools and erase all traces of that past because they deam it non-important?

    J. Isabel
  25. I’m of hispanic heritage and I’m an american, not mexican american. My parents never taught me spanish, and my tia,my cousin and my grandma, all made me feel ashamed for that fact.
    They would purposely speak spanish to me, and then laugh and make rude comets to me in spanish, when I didn’t understand them. Unfourunatley, i knew when I when I was being insulted.
    The only thing I was taught about being hispanic in the U.S. is learning to self loath and that the people who knew I wasn’t taught spanish and even the one how didn’t know. made me to feel ashamed of, who I was, a natuarl born american. I’m telling you If I could speak spanish, I would, but all the mistreatment I recieved my whole life,makes me feel ashamed of the hispanic part of me, because that part of my heritage is narsasitic, instead of helping they belittle. 🙁

  26. At least for me the hate towards mexican-americans is not about the english/spanish issue, but the whole “two cultures” one.
    What makes me mad is that mexican-americans tend to think they can be from both countries at the same time and use and misuse the best traits of each culture just as they please. For all I care, you can either consider yourself an american and forget spanish and all of our beautiful traditions, food, lifestyle and characerystics OR move back to Mexico and forget all of the american customs and culture (Even though I would be infinitely happier with the second option). It´s just that all this culture mixing is not fair for both compromised americans and mexicans, because it´s a universal truth that you can´t be loyal to two countries at the same time and you have to live both the good and the bad parts of your culture. You can´t just have the “best of both worlds” and mix and mathch as you please.
    PD: I´m basing the mexican american point of view from what the load of the above mentioned I personally know has told me.

  27. ^^^ We have the best of both worlds. Not only are we bilingual, but we also understand both the American and Mexican cultures. Does that hurt your feelings? Tough titties. Your problem.

  28. Mexicans’ don’t necessarily hate Mexican Americans but they do hate those that go to Mexico and don’t try at all to speck their native language or learn at least a little about their own culture. Most teens are like this, they only speck English even when their parent only know Spanish( I have some cousins like this and know other people that act that way.)

  29. Most Mexicans I have seen do not look Spanish. In other words, they are of Native American descent. And these Natives originally came from Asia.
    Before the Spanish arrived in Mexico, the Natives spoke no Spanish, and were most definitely not Catholic. These brown-skinned people eventually became proudly Catholic and love their Spanish language. So what is wrong with Mexican-Americans assimilating into American culture and having English as their first language? I mean, I am white, but I am not of English ancestry. My ancestors came to America with no English. Am I supposed to feel robbed of German culture now?

    Chris Phillips
  30. @Daniela (who posted on December 19,2009):

    1) You don’t write as if you speak both languages right. Either you are like most Mexican Americans who speak both languages broken, or you speak only one language correctly. Nobody expects you to be a grammarian either, but let us be more realistic in our self-descriptions. 🙂

    2) You say that you “look white” and that you speak Spanish to “Mexican-looking people,” but that is fallacy because Americans and Mexicans come in all colors. There are MANY white Mexicans, it isn’t strange; and there are many darker Americans. Julia Roberts has dark hair and eyes, for example; would you assume she’s Mexican and start speaking Spanish to her in an English-speaking country?

    3) Speaking the language of your country of residence is not the same as wanting to be of that ethnicity. Especially the United States, which is multiethnic. The Caucasian/ White ethnicity itself has many contributing countries– England, Croatia, France, Spain, etc. Furthermore, English is the official language of many countries around the world, many predominantly composed of darker types. To say that a person who speaks English is “trying to be white” is a most comical fallacy, which sounds only more amusing in your colloquial prose.

    4) It is the most logical and basic expectation that immigrants to any country should learn to assimilate. If they do not like the country, they can move to another country that better suits their linguistic taste. However, if they have no choice, as they say, the least they can do is learn to assimilate. This doesn’t mean that immigrants should stop speaking their language, it only means that they should at least learn the new language; and if that is asking for too much, they should AT LEAST accept that by natural course, the following generations will become more and more assimilated to the new country.

    5) We judge only based on the last few centuries, but human history stretches thousands and more thousands of years back. Humans have always been mobile– and a big part of survival is learning to adapt to new environments.

  31. I am Mexican American who don’t speak Spanish. Grew up in a varrio in Los Angeles where most people were Chicanos of 2nd or 3rd generation. I’d say 50% of the Chicanos in my town did not know Spanish and the other half knew it as a second language that they basically only used with their parents. I once had a border-brother tell me how it felt to only speak a white man language. What? A white man language – Oh he was right, English does come from Europe doesn’t it. I then asked him how it felt for him to speak a white man language. He looked at me puzzled and got mad and said “I’m a Mexican and speak the Mexican language of Spanish.” I told him that his language came from Europe just like English. He was so ignorant he didn’t know that and got pissed off and left. I’m not going to lie, I used to have a dislike for border-brothers and me and my friends use to punk them all when I was younger. I mean, we used to allow them to sell drugs in our neighborhood as long as they paid us our taxes that were due at the end of the week. As I’ve gotten older now and am approaching 40 real soon, I have met some good border-brothers and there are some good people. All you young people who think your better because you are more Mexican, or more American have a lot to learn what is ore important in life. Take it from me, I came from nothing and now make $500,000.00 a year with my own business. I did this by focusing on more important things in life than this crap.

  32. Lol! “Mexican American” that shouldnt even exist, theyre American period. I think most Mexican Americans want to be Mexican because their parents make it sound so great to be Mexican that if you ain’t, than you are a square, a Loser!

  33. I am from Mexico but I’ve been living in the States for 16 years now, I am 30. And I am a naturalized american now. Does that still count as Mexican American ?? Please someone tell me. Cause I now have both nationalities, mexican cause i born in Mexico and mexicans who become naturalized americans dont loose their mexican nationality nomore like before. An I am proud to be Mexican and a naturalized american too. so Can I be considered a Mexican american even if I didnt born here in the US ?

    Efrain Martinez
  34. For people from Mexico to say that a Chicano isn’t Mexican is pure idiocy. Spanish is the language of the conquistadores. True Mexicans spoke Nahuatl and other native languages. So ignorant Mexicans need to get over their idea of supremacy over Chicanos speaking English. They are no better than anyone else and they are the ones relying on Chicanos to stick up for them against Trump. As a Chicano, I am offended as to how Mexicans in this country let the gringos push them around so easily. Show us that you have some huevos!!!

    Ed Olivas
  35. All I know is my family and I have always been treated badly by mexicans. I never understood as a child why. I still don’t fully understand as an adult. So far in my adulthood mexicans have been unpleasant to do deal with to say the least. From threats to physical assaults I’ve dealt with it but never knowing what I did to deserve it.I have developed a hatred for them. I believe them to be a uneducated degenerate race of people who would stab their own mother’s in the back. I deny any Mexican heritage and fully embrace being American. My loyalty will ways be with the USA.


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