Why do Mexican people call themselves spanish when they are 99 percent amerindian?

I find it very funny when Mexican people claim they are spanish. If you ever go to Spain you will notice that Spanish people have much much much more in common with those hated gringoes than ANY mexican. Why dont they just come out and call themselves native american? Because they are more native american than most if not all native american tribes in the United states.

A well traveled man.
All I am saying is that Spanish people and culture is very very very different to Mexican people and Culture. Its like calling haitians french, it makes no sense.
Pepe those 60 percent mestizos are like 95 percent amerindian. and those 10 percent "spanish" are like 50 percent amerindian
If you EVER GO TO SPAIN, the people are much much closer to "gringoes".
Mexicana your analogy is 100 percent wrong. Mexicans are to Spaniards as Haitians are to French. GO TO SPAIN and you will see what I mean, everyone is gringo.


  1. Um okay soo i’ve heard that most mexicans come from spanish ancestry…like from Spain…i’m mexican but i come from a spanish decent so i call my self ”Spanish” when people tell me what origin are you….so the person who did this is totally wrong! And in my opinion mexicans are spanish.

  2. What a mess with some comments… we, the Spanierds are white and also caucasians… this in all Europe, we are not better than the other but please do not try to make us different that we are…

  3. Ahh…ignorance… and this person states he’s well-travelled… I bet he hasn’t even been to Mexico. Read more, grow up and stop embarrassing yourself with narrow-minded, useless comments.

  4. This idiot has never been to Mexico, I have seen blond mexicans, Japanese Mexicans, African Mexican all from Mexico, you need to go to south of Spain Moron!! there you will find spanish people that have dark hair and brown eyes with olive skin.

  5. Well i’m native american(Navajo/Apache/Cherokee/Blackfoot) also African american, and Cuban hispanic, so everyone in the world is mixed to a high degree, why do we put lables on humans?

    It’s idiotic and ignorant.

    The OP says mexicans are more native american than most native american tribes? what in the world does that mean!? it makes no sense.

  6. Amen Im German/Jew Irish/Cherokee English/Lumbee mix yes im a mut who is very proud of my native ancestry but to all who believe we are all brothers and sisters.Though I dont know of African ancestry iv got a cuz who does and she is still my cuz and my pride.We all need to recognize we are human and we are all related and stop with th hate.PEACE

  7. Spanish isn’t a native language anywere in the Americas. Spanish was forced upon the native peoples, ie: Incas, Mayans, etc. and English upon the North American peoples. Spanish is the language of the conquistadors who conqured and enslaved the native peoples in South and Central America. They also decimated the North American natives enslaving them to mine the precious gems and ores they coveted. They would massacre everyone in the native settlements when they were finished, but they didn’t stay and settle in North America, like they did in the Southern Americas. I think those that identify with being Spanish more than their native identity is due to that those civilizations were so entirely destroyed, so long ago, that they probably don’t feel as connected to that ancestry. Even tho, I believe more and more of the young people are describing themselves as Aztecs or Incas, etc.

  8. Identity is not only defined by “race” or “ethnicity”, but also and mainly by culture. Thinking this ways seems very tipically US-American.
    Racially, Mexicans are basically a mix of Europeans (mainly Spanish people) and Native Americans. “pure” native in Mexico are about 30% only, far to the 99% you said. About 15% of Mexicans are pure Spanish/European.
    Outside those racial compositions in Mexico and Spain, the two countries share language, religion and some other cultural aspects of Spanish origin that Spain does not share with the USA. Saying that Spanish people are much closer to the US-Americans than to Mexicans is somehow absurd, since Spain and USA share very few culturally speaking, being majoritary “white” in both cases doesn’t mean munch(it is not even the same “whiteness” since Spain is “mediterranean white” and the US is mainly northern European white…)

    french observer
  9. Hahahaha! I AGREE, french observer, it is cultural what they are representing. And YES, Haitians ARE FRENCH, just as much as a land born Frenchman is French. You are born from the same mother and father as your siblings, all with the same cultural roots that your parents introduced you to in the growing process. You adopted, adapted and advanced this protocol (culture) you were made whole with in the unified practice of adulthood. Yet – you and your siblings might express it differently. You have a few siblings that practice their upbringing in exact replication of your parent’s methods, others diversify. Their ALL IN THE FAMILY! Sometimes you want to disown some siblings and even parent’s change their minds about core values you thought were written in stone. When you hear about the change for some younger siblings who reigned after your days of proving were over, you want to raise a revolt to turn back to the values they once taught you. Then every few decades you all get together and have a shindig called a ‘family reunion’ and you celebrate the differences, the old and the new. You are open and receptive to the pride you all started in the same place, from the same seed, but have blossomed into a what?!!! A NATION!!!

    Some relatives come that you never even knew existed, but you recognize them as one of the ten digits extending from the same hand because the core values/language/dialect/possession are the same! Or they have a fragmented piece of the family crest or some other remarkable artifact articulated only through the family code. Of course, people denounce one another all the time, but then you cannot remove the stain from the atom that is remarkably human.

    Now racially, my very own sister is fair as snow and her hair was dirty blonde as a child. I’ve another sibling who is dark as evening tide, but has hair as glistening and curly smooth as Li’l Bo Peep’s sheep. My aunt has hair as sleek as a woman of Asian or Native American descent, so should I denounce any of them because I do not look the same? I highly doubt it. Some people do, but they end up with less to eat at night, less technology to light their paths and less knowledge to feed their children – Thus is the Community of Ignorance.

  10. try saying that to the people in northern mexico where most their descent is european and they will slap the taste of your mouth you ignorant human being yea most of them are natives especially in the South of mex all im gonna say educate your self before speaking your mind. I dont think my blonde aunt has any native in her or my great grandpa that is pale like a cracker but any how is what you make of it what counts youll never know untlil you see what like in a person dark or light

    xavi hernandez
  11. its offending when people assume just because the majority is indians doesnt simplify that they are all indian mix with spanish or french german whatever shit i dont know what im mixed all i know i have more euro in me cuz of the color of my skin and simply looking at my family tall pale white blonde or dark hair, color eyes who cares shit i maybe spanish french if anything with probably a tenth of indian appearances tell a lot i think but the beauty of it is being exotic is what im most proud of

    xavi hernandez
  12. Slap yourself for saying those idiotic words of uninformed stupidity of yours… Amerinidian doesn’t exist you moron many Aztecs died during conquistador times by diseases and weapons HOW would someone want to feel happy of a forced change of culture, language and ways to live?.. But Americans should know because they took land that wasnt theirs and almost killed a culture, further more it doesn’t matter because we are ALL humans not uncivilized animals.. VIVA MEXICO PUTOS!!

  13. Spanish people brought to america their language, religion and culture also they mixed to native america people that’s why we are ‘mestizos’. For most of us ‘latinos’, spanish and amerindian blood is running through our veins and just few percentage of people is still 100% pure amerindian. We do have things in common with spanish people as somehow we share what they brought to us (what they imposed) and I’m not talking about skin color which is the less important thing to mention when we speak about human beings. I’m proud of my unique culture (spanish, amerindian, african)and my beautiful tanned skin color … Abajo el racismo!!

  14. I’ve never met a Mexican person who has claimed to be Spanish. I’m fairly light skinned and people ask me all the time what my ethnicity is and I ALWAYS say Mexican. To be honest, I don’t even know if Mexican is an ethnicity, but my parents are Mexican and I’m not white, so that’s what I say. But I never ever say Spanish because I’m not. I have no connection to Spain, apart from the language and maybe some ancestors from centuries ago. I am not Spanish. When people who look Mexican tell me they are Spanish, I believe them. I have no reason to doubt what they say. If they say it because they are ashamed to be Mexican, then I definitely pity them.

  15. My name is Sofía Núñez Larios and I’m Mexican. Both my last names, one from dad, one from mom, are found in many Spanish streets. Although I wouldn’t call myself Spanish, I am not completely out of the loop as when all Americans give you twenty nationalities when they tell you what they are.

  16. OK now, was every here born in MEXICO?? I am a proud american firt and formost my mom and dad are from mexico but I was not born there so I consider my myself american? I don’t get it? This is why we have so much racism..

  17. Ha 99 percent amerindian, you make me laugh. Try telling that to my grandfather, he was born in Mexico but his father is from Spain he considers himself Mexican and he’s proud of it. He lived among mexicans his entire life. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. I have brown hair and green eyes. Are you going to tell me that me and my family are Indians? Ha you’re so ignorant and I can only pity how you can only view the world through your ignorance.

  18. My dad was born and raised in mexico and his last name is Castro. He is light skinned with brown hair but he is still Mexican even though he has Spanish ancestors and about70 % of Mexicos population is mixed with spanish

  19. Karma bit him in the A%$. Arrogant ignorant fool.
    I have many blonde green eyed relatives deep in Mexico,dark brown hair/eye and everything in between. We come in all different shades & sizes. It is unforgiveable how he has spread ignorance. The uneducated run with this & breed. It never ends. We are human beings and should treat each other the way you would want yourself & your children to be treated…..with respect & kindness.

    * I am Mexican, Native American/Yaqui & others , Irish, French & Spanish
    (Variety is the spice of life)

  20. Im about Im Spanish/German/American, whenever i tell people im mostly spanish and german theyre like dude, you look white, which makes me laugh, because most original spaniards were my skin color, only reason mexicans have alot of spanish in em is because the spanish conquistadors ravaged mexico, thats why its the shithole it is today.

  21. And im getting really sick and tired of people complaining about racism. Theres an annoying person in every race, some just have more!…I am in fact referring to the………………………dark ones.

  22. JAJAJ que risa dan primero que nada para que vamos a escribir en ingles si tu muy espanol europeo me imagino y saves leer espanol.. yo jamas eh conocido a un mexicano que se diga ser espanol de echo creo asta se molestan cuando les llaman latinos por que ellos SON MEXICANOS, LO SE! son Latinos, Hispanos, como quieras llamarlos pero prefieren ser llamados mexicanos.. ahora con el perdon que me mereces Espana es de lo peorsito de Europa, (asi que no entiendo por que un mexicano se aria pasar por un vato que ze le pazan laz ezzezz y habla como si tuviese una polla <– (Como vosotros os llamais ) en el hocico, obvio no conoces la historia de mexico te invito a que leas un buen libro y alimentes tu cerebro, pero de razones no de mierda..

  23. Who cares! Halle Berry is obviously not all black but embraces her black side MOST Mexicams do not relate to their native roots,they must have their reasons. I have visited Mexico and it is a wonderful country, but like ours they had their own trouble with race and class so we in the US are in no position to preach or teach we are still learning and fixin our own inequailies.God bless America may serve God so that we will be an example to the world!

  24. Haha, ohh the ignorance! Visit the northern Mexico and the state of Jalisco. I think you’ll be surprised to find many Mexicans with strong European features. Mexico is a mixed bag, depending on the region. Mexicans from central Mexico tend to have stronger native features than those from northern Mexico. Head further south and you’ll start noticing strong indigenous phenotypes. You’re generalizing based on what you see in your area. You’re area is probably being populated by indigenous families who follow each other around. Visit California and you’ll see tall Mexicans with phenotypes similar to well known hispanic Hollywood actors/actresses.

  25. I don’t find it offensive because he/she is obviously ignorant. Culture wise i consider myself Mexican but as ethnicty i am 50% Spanish, 37.5 % Mexican (mestizo), and 12.5% French. All my european ancestry came to Mexico in the 20th century. When living in Mexico of coarse they stood out, some of my spanish ancestory’s had red hair and blue or green eye also my french ancestory’s had blonde hair and blue eyes. But they always consider themself Mexican and proud of it. So as myself consider myself a beautiful person of mixed cultures and races. And proud of being a Mexican Mestizo.

    Gaby Valdez
  26. I don’t understand why Native American Indians hate whites and whites and Indian hate Mexican and Spain hate Mexican too.

    I have to say that when people full in love they full in love.

    I’m a mix my mom in full Mexican and my father is spain and American Indian so I can see that we can all get along. Also I don’t hate any rase but yes there are bad ones out there. And just because there was one full out of Mexican killing the Indains doesn’t mean we are all bad.
    Just as whites killed Too and Spain kills and how Indians kills . I’m not trying to took anything away from anyone. I’m trying to find what really works for my spirit. And I will do everything to do what’s right.

    And with peace. So are the people right about being lost I can say yes.

  27. I am pale white with black hair. i speak english and spanish i live in america according to my grandfather we are spanish from spain a place called catalonia. now mexicans are from indians like mayas incas etc.. Some people are mixed thats it but based on the feautures of how you look you can more-less have a clue where u are from. not were u were raised you need to figure your roots. The end

  28. oh if forgot to say im mexican-american and my lastname is Torres and there spain soccer player name Fernado Torres!



  29. Hahaha you are so ignorant!
    It sounds to me that your perception is that we (I’m mexican) feel proud to call ourselves “Spanish” because we think Spain is better than Mexico and we want to deny our ancestors? hahaha you don’t know us at all.
    Well, it is true that there are still a few people that say “I’m spanish DESCENDANT”. Usually these people are racist and they discriminate people with dark skin because they consider them inferior (kind of like you who pays too much attention to skin colors), BUT most people just don’t care about it, we are mexicans, that’s it. I agree with you that mexicans who call themselves Spanish are completely wrong, but I never heard any mexican in Mexico or the U.S. saying that, and if you have, he or she or them must be as ignorant as you.
    I live in the U.S. now and one of the things that surprises me is that here people keep calling themselves “italian” or “german” or “french”, even if only their great great grandfather was from some of those countries (Italy, France, etc.). It is good that you are proud of your ancestors, but I think that this a big reason why racism is still a big problem here.
    I believe you have been in Spain, but that does not mean that you know Mexico, mexican people or mexican culture at all.
    P.S. Obviously english is my second language so please forgive any mistakes I’ve made here.

  30. LOL I never met a Mexican who claims to be Spanish. In fact its the opposite way around. Even the White Mexicans hate to be called Spanish or being associated with Spain. My boyfriend is a Spaniard (Northern Spaniard to be exact) & while he looks white but he doesn’t look like your typical gringo. I can easily spot a Spaniard from the Nordic or Germanic type of people.

    In Southern Spain, there are even more people who has darker features especially the Gitanos or the Spanish Gypsies.

  31. My family is light-skinned and my Father’s side of the family mostly has hazel eyes and fair skin, and my mother’s side is light skinned or a little colored and they have brown eyes. And some
    realtives of both sides of my family are tall or average size. My family is Hispanic and probably half French…. I’m get confused at times because during France’s claim of Mexico, they claimed my mother’s state, Puebla, and my father’s state Queretaro, and other states, and I’ve searched and have noticed mostly all of Puebla’s population is French…. Anyway, I’m proud of being Mexican and partially French. 🙂 And I somewhat know a little bit of French, just the simplest words though. 😛

    Au Revoir. <3

  32. I am Mexican and very light skin, Mexicans are mix as People from Spain,France,China,Germany,Italia went to Mexico many years ago and mixed with the natives. many of the Mexicans that come to the US are from what are called Ranchos,which is the country ,rural area and poor areas and because they worked in the farms are dark skin.But it seems you have not seen the real Mexico the towns the City’s were you can see the great difference light skin,dark skin,short,tall,blue eyes,green eyes,redheads,blackhair.go to Monterey,Jalisco,or Guanajuato citys and it my be an eye opener to you and many others.

    Maurico Enriquez
  33. I agree with Jaclyn. Most Mexicans I’ve encountered don’t feel any desire to be called “Spanish” or be associated with Spain. Many take more pride in their Amerindian ancestry in my experience, though I’m not surprised to hear from others here that other Mexicans with obvious Amerindian heritage try to deny or downplay it (sadly).

    In my experience, Mexican mestizos run the gamut in terms of proportion of Spanish vs. Amerindian ancestry, but the majority I’ve seen have leaned more toward an Amerindian appearance. Northern Mexicans often lean more European/Spanish however, though the north is less populated than the central and southern regions where Amerindian features seem to be dominant.

    Also, she’s right to point out that while Spaniards are certainly white, look very European and for the most part do not resemble the average Mexican who typically has obvious Amerindian ancestry to varying degrees, Spaniards can also usually be distinguished from your average white American of Northern European descent. Spaniards are Southern Europeans and look like the Italians or southern French rather than like the British or Germans for instance. Even the blond, light-eyed Spaniards (and there are quite a few of these, esp. light eyes) tend to have facial features that are definitely Southern European/Mediterranean (i.e. more prominent nose, larger eyes, longer face, etc.). Spaniards also tend to be rather hairy, and in fact is one of the best ways to tell if a Mexican has Spanish blood. Amerindians on the other hand are typically hairless, yet Mexicans are often stereotyped for being hairy, a trait that certainly comes from Spanish ancestors.

  34. Hi, I’m Mexican and I claim my Spaniard descendent why do I have to deny it? Just because many Mexicans don’t want to be associate with Spaniards or vice-verse. Nothing and nobody is going to change my racial characteristics. If my feature has more European in it. I’m Ok with it, in the other hand; if I look more indigenous I would be Ok with that too and dress my Aztec suit. There no issue between Spaniards and Mexicans. Both countries have economic, cultural, and History ties for centuries.

  35. ha yup I agree too. that’s y they r called the ignorant Indians. the spainish/there masters set out to ‘kill’ the indian on the inside. and did a very good job on many of them /us.some do know they are natives but many of there grnd parents were treated so bad that they were [ 4 lack of a better word] scared to be/call /live as wat they ARE, Indians,,,but thk god there are many Indians there that DO know wat they are. so us aware Indians should inform our ignorant brothers and sisters and continue the fight and get our land BACK!!! no some say? ha stranger things hav hapnd

  36. I am Mexican but I don’t believe that you have to know about Spanish culture to call yourself A Spaniard.Mexicans still share Spanish blood if you look at many other people they might say that they are a mix of many races or the ethnicities but they don’t know what the culture of what their ethnicity or race is. Also native Mexicans are NOT called native Americans.

  37. First, I am neither Mexican nor Spanish but I think that I have a valid opinion here. I lived for two years in Mexico (92-94)and return every year for a few weeks. I met my wife in Mexico. I have never heard a Mexican call himself or herself “Spanish”,”español” or “española”. In the other comments I see people who say that they are Mexican and call themselves “Spanish” but I wonder if they are actually Mexican or are they Americans of Mexican descent. Many Americans of European descent will say that they are “Irish” or “Italian” or whatever and we understand that this means they are of Italian or Irish descent. Most Mexicans and Mexican Americans are partially of Spanish descent.

  38. I just read statistics from 2 different encyclopedias that the number of “Pure” Spanish descent range from 10% – 20% and represent the “Criollos” or elite business class of wealthy Mexicans, and another significant number of mestizos (not well defined more like all American Indians bred with some white race including Spanish who are also of Eurpean ancestry and very proud of it. The love of my life happens to be half Spanish and half Apache and Yackie Indian. I probably misspelled but Yackie meaning talkative would apply for her mother By the way, no one is more beautiful than the Spanish Senoritas and no one loves the earth and mother nature more than the American Indian of all tribes. We are lucky to have all of these lovely people on our planet.

  39. Okay well I am going to leave my information after reading this. First and foremost I am Spanish from the South of Spain. Truth be told we Spanish people are just like others..we have many looks. Though the standard would be the typical Mediterranean type and do not let anyone else fool you. Any Spanish person in the North, Central or South of Spain with very fair features is not from our Iberian or Native Genes. These would be typical from German. Viking and Visigoth ancestry and Celtic. I am a person that is well studied in Genetics. Our makeup is vast. You can be a Spaniard and look Northern European, you can be a Spaniard and look Latin American, you could look Arab or Moorish, Greek, Italian, Phoenician, Part Black, An Asian type of mix, Jewish, Greek and the list goes on. Any Spaniard that tries to paint themselves as fully white a is really not Spanish, or is an American Gringo with some Spanish ancestry and is trying to anglo make us. There is also a young group that has some Spanish ancestry but they want to highlight on Celtic ancestry. So they are trying to disproof everything that would talk about our Moorish/ Arab past or anything else not Nordic. It is really quite odd.

  40. This person sounds very ignorant for a “well travelled man” Please! I’m Mexican and I’m pretty white Mexicans come in many colors. Mexico used to be Called Nuevo españa; New Spain! If anything Mexico has more roots with the Spanish than any of the other Latin countries. South of Mexico is more olive & dark skinned, Northern people from where I am from tend to be lighter & white. Yes we have Native American ancestry , Spanish, French and some German too. We have a lot of ethnicities even Asian and African. But to say EVERY Mexican is 100% Native American sounds very ignorant and racist. Get some more education on Mexicos demographics of Native American
    Mestizo and Caucasoid ancestry.

  41. Mexicans talk about white people as ass holes. But when they are around white people they call black people the ass hole. Around whites they pretend to be white around blacks they pretend to be. Black they really don:t give a fuck about Esther one. In their restaurants they spit in both white and blacks food. Now you see where they stand. They sided with HITLER During the 2nd. War.

    A purchase
  42. LOL, the ignorance and denial of these comments. It seems they’re ashamed of their Native American ancestors. Most of them look exactly like Native Americans with epicanthic shaped eyes like that of an Asian. Native Americans migrated from Asian which gives these Mexicans mongoloid DNA. That’s why you see so many Mexicans that look Asian. the white people you see in Mexico are obvious descendants of the Spanish conquerors. Learn your history because you’re not Latin, you’re an Indian. A Spanish speaking Indian.

    The Truth

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