Why do Mexican pretend they can't speak English?

I was trying to sell this Mexican guy something. He told me no English. If he didn’t want it all he had to say is no.


  1. I agree with stressfree: if he really does speak English, it’s an easy way to get rid of a salesman. I believe that many native English speakers have used the "Me no speak English" routine to get rid of salespeople as well.

  2. Mexicans seem to think they can come to the united states and pretend they are at home. I f they don’t have to talk to you they won’t Some of them can’t speak much english, but a lot of em are big fakers who just don’t want to talk to a non-hispanic person. The only thing we can do is kill them. No choice. I’ve killed 6 already. Anytime someone says they can’t speak english just shoot them in the head. It’s the only solution to americas biggest problem.

  3. A lot of them actually cant. And I have a question for you. Why do u keep asking stupid questions? Is it weird that a foreigner can’t speak English? It’s not like the US is world dominator and everyone is required to know English. (although many Americans seem to think so)

  4. Some can, some can’t.

    I know though, the audacity of them, huh? To immigrate to somebody elses land, act like they own everything, then, to top it all off, not even learn the language of the indigenous people! Or act like they don’t even understand it!

    Damn immigrant peoples! They should all go back where they came from until they are willing to learn the language of the land! Back to Mexico, and Africa, and Europe, etc. Right?

    Come back when they learn to speak Cherokee and quit trying to take everything over! Until they learn to speak at least one American dialect shoot em all! Right elmore4985?

    Mr. Bojangles
  5. Maybe because he knows that salesmen just can’t take "no" for an answer, so it was an easier way of getting rid of you. Look at it from this perspective and don’t make it a racial issue.

  6. Why are people so ignorant on this site and always generalize or single out certain races. I’ll ask you something, why everytime US citizens go to europe or other countries they always expect someone to speak english and if they cant find someone they get upset? They dont even make an effort to know some basic simple words of the country they’re visiting.

  7. Why dont you learn spanish so you wont feel alienated when youre talking to a spanish-speaker? Sooner than later, spanish-speakers are going to surpass english-speakers in the U.S., especially in the metropolitan areas.

  8. My question is why do Americans pretend to speak English? If you aren’t going to pronounce the words properly, then make up your own sodding language. And don’t try and correct True English speakers either…That bugs that crap out of me.

  9. One of the most important answers to this question… is to avoid speaking people like these guys who just answered before. With this kind of people in your population I’m wondering what is USA proud of ?

  10. Some dont know that much english and some just do that but most of the time they dont know english and they are still in the process of learning it so they can only say what they know

  11. hi, If you want to come to this country called U.S.of A.
    You damn better speak English…
    All the other immigreats came to this country HAVE TO LEARN ENGLISH!
    Why not!?? Its called lazy in the brain.
    just like other all the ESP…!!!

    It’s nothing to do with RED-NECK at all.
    It’s an English speaking country?
    What are you here for?
    making the money!?

    If the big Sam called everyone spends 3 years in the army.
    You will see how fast a lot of people will run away from this country!

    Make their money, and don’t spend in here, go back where they came from and be rich.

    USE America, Land of freedom.

    If you all so love this country, spend 3 years in the army?
    Will you???

    Well, a lot of people were NOT born in here either.
    But at least they speak English.
    the telephone menu doesn’t offer HIT 2 for Japanese,Korean,Chinese,Cam….Italian,Porg…

    Because they speak English…

    And I din’t say some group of people are stupid!

    Call We don’t want to learn!

    "some can someone can’t?"
    Really? Spent 40 years in this country don’t speak English?????

    If I m moving to Japan,I will learn their language –Japanese!


    Same way!

    Here’s America,,, Speak English! Or leave!

    Totally lazy!

  12. Some can and others can’t. I really find it stupid of many of you fucking racists to think that spanish speaking people are stupid or that we shouldn’t come to the U.S. of A, like someone said. Idiots, this world is full of diversity and by that we ALL have to accomodate to everyone. I highly suggest to those who are so close minded, to attend college… better yourselves, pick up another language. Hispanics are now the greatest minority so I’m so sorry you red necks, but looks like you will be dealing with us for a while.

  13. I am Hispanic (Puerto Rican to be more specific) and I strongly believe that immigrants should learn the language of the country they are moving to. So yes, all Mexicans, Hindi, Japanese, Polish, Salvadorans, French, Puerto Ricans, etc., etc., etc. should learn English if they decide to make the US their home. This, of course, includes Americans that move to other countries. HOWEVER, with very few exeptions, Americans tend to NEVER show the least interest in learning the language of any country they move to. This is the voice of experience talking. While in High School and Middle School, I attended an American school here in Puerto Rico. The norm was that the American kids seldom learned Spanish while all Puerto Rican students learned English giving us an overwhelming advantage over American kids because we all spoke two languages while they only spoke one. Like banana bean says, Hispanics compose the largest minority in the US and bilingual Hispanics have an obvious advantage over monoligual Americans.

    My comments are not to say that I am anti American. To the contrary, I made some great friends with students form the US. Hey, I even fell in love with a beautiful blue eyed gringa. Wow! The memories. 😉

  14. Me personally, I think english is a pretty embarrassing language to know, & I can’t stand having to speak it in public, I wouldn’t want people to think I’m american, or british.

    Josh le bûcheron
  15. @Mr. Bojangles

    You should also leave then? I don’t think there are no real “Americans”.

    The original Americans are American indians. Were did you come from?

    Mr. Johns
  16. ignorant US guys, most of them just know english. haha if all immigrants go back to Mexico, Europe, Asia, Africa. haha US would be empty. what crazy things some guys say.


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