Why Do Mexican Spanish Speakers Talk So Fast?

Okay, please do not be offended, (no racism intended) but I’ve noticed that Mexican Spanish speakers tend to talk really fast and I have a hard time understanding them, but I can understand other dialects just fine, (Cubans, Argentineans, Chileans, Spanish, etc.)

So my final two questions are why can’t I understand Mexican Spanish as well as other dialects and are Spanish speakers from Mexico known to have the fastest Spanish speaking dialect?


  1. I’m Guatemalan and even I have trouble understanding them.
    Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a Puerto Rican or Dominican?
    It’s so much more difficult.

    Mexicans, I guess it just depends how they were educated or what part of Mexico they come from.
    I have spoken to many Mexicans while in different parts of Mexico and the way the speak varies from fast to slow to loud to soft.

  2. I have no idea. I work with languages and I hear students say that Cubans are the fastest speakers (and some Cubans will agree); others say Salvadorans ate the fastest speakers and some Salvadorans agree; pretty much every country says this.

    John Springstorm
  3. Some of them have a really thick accent. A lot of different languages speak fast, its just a habit. You get used to it after a while and It’ll help if you take a vacation to Mexico or somewhere.

  4. I always thought it was because they have so many vowels to pronounce and so they just slur then all together so that they don’t have to talk as long. I do that in english all te time.

  5. ha ha ha I am Mexican American and speak Spanish fluently. I however speak Spanish slowly and clearly since that was the way my parents taught me. But I just don’t understand Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Central Americans, or Dominicans. Their accent is so different and the way the pronounce some words are just so hard to understand. They also speak very fast which makes it ten times harder to understand. But when I go visit my mom’s family in Coahuila MX, I can’t understand my Tio Nacho for the life of me! He speaks so fast I can’t keep up with him, I gotta keep telling him to slow down lol.

  6. I always figured it was simply because they can. They have a lot of "el" and "de" and "la" that they need some way to catch up.

    Besides, have you ever tried speaking fast with a British accent? It’s not easy to enunciate so much so fast.

    I guess practice makes perfect.

  7. I’m costarican and let me tell you, latins in general speak really fast. And maybe because they don’t want their accent to be noticed so they speak faster so thet no one gets the errors

    Valeria D
  8. Take into account that for native speakers speaking fast is normal and something of everyday cause it comes naturally, the same as you do with your mother language.
    I gotta say though, i´m argentinian, and to me mexicans speak really slowly, it´s like they even try to speak slow for me. I think we speak a lot faster over here, and also spaniards and chileans.

  9. that’s just like english speakers. the britanic speakers tend to speak in the original accent and very fast, so there are also some english people that don’t understand the britanic accent, and as to United States, they speak fast in the north and slower in the south.

  10. It sounds fast because you dont know the language,and for the non English-speaking Mexicans the Americans speak fast since they dont know the English language.

    Attilio Brandi

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