Why do mexicans expect people in america to speak spanish?

They always ask me stuff in Spanish then get a crusty look on their face when I say- no espanio speak English


  1. Most Mexicans that don’t speak english is because they don’t get out in the communities or they are too lazy to learn the English language.As an American I expect anyone that wants me to respond to them to understand the English language and if you don’t understand it then bring an interpreter with you.There are those on here that says English isn’t the official language but really when was the last time you had an German come up to you and asked you a question in German.Regardless of what they say English is the official language of the USA.///It cost thousands,are you kidding me.People will make any excuse in the world and in reality its because they are too lazy to learn the English language.

  2. The US is the only developed country where the citizens only speak one language.

    When Americans (US citizens) go abroad, they speak English..then get crusty when the other person does not know English. (kind of the same thing).

    The US has no official language.

    There is not a requirement to know English to immigrate to the US. (only if a person wishes to become a US citizen do they need to know English)

  3. maybe because what you are saying to them makes no sense and their look is "confused at the moron" instead of "crusty". A simple "I don’t speak Spanish" or "do you speak English" would suffice

  4. its mostly because you say (no espanio speak English) that’s being rude you could just say i don’t speak spanish

    @Texasgirl it cost allot of money to learn english i tried to teach my mom to speak it she wants to learn but its hard so now i have to buy a dvd set that cost me a thousand dollars most people don’t have the money or time to learn a new language

  5. same as americans going abroad, expecting that they will be spoken to in english..not just us mexicans do that, I’ve seen this happen but it’s mostly americans who do this not mexicans

    Owl city <3
  6. Just like when you travel to another portion in the world, and expect to be spoken to in English (let’s use Italy as an example to this.)

    This is EXACTLY WHY learning more languages is valuable.

  7. I’m actually Chinese-American, living in California. One thing I notice is that a lot of hispanics here expect me to know spanish as well. Some even outright tell me I should learn spanish. At first, I just give them an awkward look then continue to try to speak with them in english. Now whenever someone hispanic tells me I should learn spanish, I just tell them they should learn Chinese. I already know two languages, my native tongue and the official language of the US (english, those who are saying it there isn’t an official language is stupid, go look it up).. I’m not going to go out of my way to learn another language just to appease one group. They aren’t trying to learn Chinese to appease me, why should I be trying to learn spanish also.

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