Why do Mexicans refuse to learn to speak English or come here legally at least?

I am so sick of hearing how poor Mexico is and that is why they come here. And that many years ago this was mexico, etc etc. Fact is, its not. Why is it so hard for mexicans to come here legally and learn English. If they did they would be respected. Walking around in America with the mexican flag saying they demand to be treated equally when they are here legally, speaking in spanish, is not going to help them. Also, why is it that they are leaving mexico beacuse its poor and run down, yet thats what they turn their neighborhoods they move into in THE UNITED STATES! I would think they would want to respect it more, not turn it into mexico.


  1. You are not the only one who has been wondering this, trust me. They think that laws and rules do not apply to them, unfortunately, thanks to our government, it sure seems that way.

    Learning a second language may be hard, but if you are living and working in another country then you should have the decency and courtesy of learning that country’s language!
    As far as how long the process takes, yes it does take longer but only because there are so many immigrants coming to the US (of course it will take longer). Illegals are making it sound like it takes years and years and years, which is does not. Just another lame excuse on their part.

    No illegal immigrant or illegal immigrant supporter has answered this question either. Why should the rules be different for Mexicans than other immigrants that come to the US??? Other immigrants came to the US, to get a better life as Mexicans claim. But they learn to speak English, adapt to the American way of life and become US Citizens.

  2. They know the US is ripe for their behaviour right now. The US is going liberal-minded. That means the conquered (Mexico) is good and the conquerer (America – even if it is the liberals’ own country and even if the war was 160 years ago) is evil.

    bill w
  3. you know learning another language is not as easy as it sounds, and english is considered one of the hardest to learn. and getting citizenship isn’t all that easy too, they have to pay and its a very long process. how about you go to another county and try learning their language, and become a citizen, with no money. then come back and post this.

  4. I don’t know that Mexicans DO refuse to learn. I know it gets harder the older you get – which is scientific fact.
    That being said – do you know what it takes to emigrate to another country? ESPECIALLY TO POST 9-11 AMERICA? It ain’t easy. But consider this – you’re poor, on the edge of starvation, you can’t raise the money to get to the US to do the fees and paperwork, you can’t even raise the money to get a passport and VISIT the US…for the next 80 years. Yet, you COULD just walk in. Even if you get deported, a weeks’ wages would last you more than a month in Mexico – your family would not be hungry for a month. What would YOU do?

  5. The Mexican culture tends to be one of laziness, stupidity, and disrespect. Not only do they refuse to learn English and trash our society, they also refuse to obey our laws. We need to treat them like the criminals they are and start imposing punishments other than deportation.

  6. Umm. Many Mexicans come here legally and learn to speak English. You’re painting some pretty broad strokes there, bub.

    By the way, if you’re going to sit here and complain about people not learning to speak English, you should try to master the language yourself.

    EDIT: Angry-T. Mexican culture is one of laziness?? You effin bigot! Is that why every construction site is riddled with Mexicans dripping sweat in the summertime while the white leads chill in their pickemup trucks? Who are the ones you see doing backbreaking lawn and yardwork while the lazy home owners sit around sipping lemonade in the summer sun? That’s your definition of lazy?

    You and the idiot who asked the question make me sick.

    In 2 Deep
  7. Really, I was hoping their country would get better. And, it is better after NAFTA. They are now a second world country instead of a third world country. Increasing trade has helped their economy. But, until they can control their high birth rate, they won’t improve much more. So, they come here. Not because they love America, but to send money back to Mexico.

    I was having a discussion about this with a woman who was a legal from Mexico. She does social work. I asked her why don’t they try harder here to adapt and do well educationally. She said it’s their culture. Their culture does not define success through education. It’s not their highest priority. I asked her why not since they could be successful if they just made an attempt and encouraged education for their kids. She just shrugged and stated that they don’t care that much about education.

  8. Written by the woman sitting in her nice home with electricity, appliances, and, obviously, a computer. How would you feel if you were living in poverty, starving, and living in fear of death each day? It’s much easier to point a finger at others and be ignorant than to educate yourself on how life in Mexico really is.
    And, by the way, if you think Mexicans in this country should learn English, why don’t you open a school to teach them how to learn English? Criticizing other cultures is easy, but if you believe that those other cultures should assimilate into your culture why don’t you provide the means for the assimilation?

  9. Corporate America learns spanish, so that they don’t have to learn English. The U.S. Government allows millions of illegals to cross our border in waves. They might as well come across the border in a large group, ala the final scene of the movie "Born in East L.A.", because the border patrol is hamstrung, and not allowed to do their jobs without prosecution.

  10. They have no regard for the law, and everyone who has spanish subtitles is responsible ENGLISH ONLY FROM NOW ON!!!!!!!!! And the immigration laws are harsh for a reason, so not just anyone can walk in and say "I’m a citizen"

  11. I have no problem with those that come over and try to make a better life for themselves, it is the ones that come over to take advantage of are social services. Then you also have the scum bag companies that hire illegals , so that they can pay them next to nothing then say no American will take this job. If the government would enforce the employement laws we would not be dealing with these problems.

    matt s
  12. Lots of interesting opinions. Mine is that why worry about legalization when Bank of America will over illegals bank accounts and credit cards? That’s just allowing them to come over here with no downsides. Second point is that in 3yrs, there’s going to be the North American Union which will unite us with Mexico and Canada. So all illegals will now be in void. It’s a lose lose situation anyway you look at it.

    Ted S
  13. I understand you’re frustrated but you lack empathy.

    Imagine your WHOLE LIFE you lived right next to a huge rich powerful country and your own land was wracked with poverty, violence, and malnutrition. What would YOU do?

  14. The corporations want to kill the United States of America. It’s really that simple. BEWARE of anything that comes in 3’s. And to answer Ronin’s question. I would do what our founding brethren did…… Kick some a55.

  15. I agree that they should respect America, obey its laws, and come here LEGALLY. However if you look where they are coming from – they have no respect for their own country.

    Hey, new though. It is impossible to show respect for others when you don’t even have respect for yourself. These ILLEGAL alien criminals don’t respect themselves. They come here in the shadows, taking whatever thing they get. They have to hide from authorities out of fear of being caught and deported. That’s not a nice way to live. But that’s the life they CHOSE for themselves.

    This is not a racist or pro-illegal alien comment. No race was mentioned and they shouldn’t be here. They MUST go home and respect themselves and their own country.

  16. They have no desire to learn English or assimilate into American Society. They come here, live in their Hispanic Neighborhoods, speak only Spanish or very limited English and continue to demand what they are not entitled to. It’s time the US Government gets tough on all these illegal immigrants and it’s time the government realizes that LaRaza, ICIRR, MALDEF, Hispanic Caucus, LCOM, MeCHA, and the majority of other supposed Immigrant support groups are supporting illegal immigration and promoting illegal immigration and using our money to help themselves to invading the USA.

    Think about it, in 1986 the US Government gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants. In 2006 there was an estimated 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants in the country. Very few of the 3 million illegal immigrants took advantage of the amnesty to become citizens. Instead, they just had babies and maintained their illegal immigrant status. That, in and of itself, should be a big red flag to the government that the motives of these illegals are not sincere — except to take over the USA. The law says no flag shall be flown above the US Flag yet all we see are Mexican Flags above the US Flags and the government pandering to these invaders.

    If 500,000 of them can work so hard to change the USA and march in our streets, tell me one good reason why they can’t invade their own country and make positive changes? I can answer it — they don’t want Mexico to change! They want the USA!

    Oh, and think about this! All these illegal immigrants had two, three, four, five or 10 children born on US soil. That makes all these children, born on US soil as a result of an illegal act, citizens of the USA and eligible for ADC (aide to dependent children), welfare, and all the other benefits that are supposed to be available to US Citizens — including running for President of the USA.

    Hugo Chavez has been financially supporting the churches in the USA as well as Felipe Calderone and Vicente Fox from Mexico supporting all the illegal immigrant activities and supporting LaRaza, ICIRR, MALDEF, etc. while also getting tax money from our States and Federal Government to help them take over the country.

    We citizens need to wake up and smell the crap these people are dishing out and we need to demand law enforcement, report every illegal alien, report every landlord, business, church, or anyone else who hires, harbors, or helps illegal immigrants and we should have those people tried for treason and the punishment for treason imposed upon them.

    Every church or city that offers sanctuary to illegal immigrants should be refused any federal or state tax benefits for anything. This will be a beginning.

    MH/Citizens Protecting Rights!
  17. Yes i totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG i went to Burger king last night – i had just got back in town from a modeling shoot and i was just wanting a frigg’n burger – well when i was trying to order (and I’m the ONLY ONE in the whole place at this time bc its like 11:30 pm) well they started laughing – while i was trying to tell him what i wanted = so i just looked at him and asked "Is there a F(&(ing problem" he said no that the other guy was laughing so i leaned over the counter and asked him the same thing! lol i get fussy when im hungry lol – well i had to wait for them to make it them i had to wait for my fries – well i checked my bag and of course i got like a chicken sandwhich!!! i was soo mad!! i threw a fit and then they started yelling and laughing at eachother in spanish! as i was leaving a guy behind me said they cant speak english and they just come here to mess our nice country up! I said AMEN! and left – so i feel your anger!! I live in NorthWest Arkansas where the corporate office of Tyson is so um there are tons of them here!!!!

  18. First off you are highly uneducated!!! If parts of the U.S. are dirty it’s because of the citizens that already live here! No ones perfect. And incase you have not realized, English is the hardest language to learn! But compare a white person to a mexican and white people are lazy cry babies!!! Have you ever been to mexico? I didn’t think so until you have been there and see for yourself what it is really like then you should shut your mouth and stop having oppinions about things you really have no clue about! Mexico opens its doors to us no problem and U.S. and that ass Bush have to have an on going problem with mexicans becauses theres nothing better to do? You never hear them complain of any other illegal race. Beside you should be so lucky to live the life you do, these guys that are here bust their asses all day every day to live good and some people have been catered to and do absolutely nothing and live off of others dont get me wrong, there is some hard working women in the U.S. but once again put them next to a mexican girl and she would run her in to the ground after a few hours!!

  19. Your rude and need to get a life and stop talking about the kind of people yyou are not just drop it its called racist and you know im mexican and my mom is from tijuana she likes her language and she could care less about a person like you

    mexicanos semos lo que semos


  20. Every Mexican I have met does speak English very well, better than some American I grew up with. You should see the poor side of Mexico and not just the tourist areas. I have never been to the tourist parts of Mexico but drove through some of the most poor areas and it is real. It’s the fault of their corrupt government.

  21. This is a very good question. I think it’s very arrogant of them to not want to learn English. I believe if they hate america so much and dislike everyone here then they should leave. One reason why I think they refuse to speak English is because all businesses make it easier for them not to learn it. If you ever sign up for a service or call a 1-800 number it says "Press 1 for english" and "Press 2 for spanish". If businesses continue to do this , then nobody will care to learn English.
    I do not like that arrogance they have too. When I was at a Macys the other day, the employees refused to speak english. When I was at a store here in Dallas, the woman didn’t even understand what I said when I asked her "where is the detergent?" Instead she gave me an attitude.

    I guess maybe they feel that Americans need to hand them out something for free. I think it’s because they feel since nobody likes illegal immigrants they feel they don’t want to learn English because they are disliked. I don’t know the reason. What the worst thing is, is that some of them will talk badly in front of me in Spanish and laugh. They talk shit in front of your face in Spanish because they are cowards.
    It makes me never respect those people that do that.


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