Why do Mexicans speak Spanish different than original Spaniards?

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  1. All Spanish speakers sound differently, the accents, the cultures, the values, and the beliefs. Mexicans differ from Dominicans, and Puerto Ricans differ from Spaniards. And so on…

    Siempre Incomprendido ♥ (:
  2. Mexican Indians had their own language before the Spanish folks arrived. Mix the two together it forms a dialect. All hispanics do not speak the same spanish. Just like all english people do not speak the same english.

    Amelia R
  3. Languages are a living thing, affected by the people trhey are spoken by. Mexican Spanish has been influenced by nahuatl, the aztec language, which has influenced most languages as well; southern inhabitants, like those in the Yucatan peninsuls have been influenced by the mayan language. Most people in the world use words like avocado, chocolate, tomato, which come directly from nahuatl. Caribbean spanish was influenced by the african inmigration and southamerican spanish by a lot of more recent european inmigration, especially italian.

    Martha M
  4. Each culture has it’s own style of speaking a language especially when that language is not their original language. This has a great influence how a language is spoken even if the person does not speak their ancestral language as many Mexicans don’t but over all, Mexicans speak spanish well and I have no problem understanding them. Dominicans, however, speak spanish horribly. I believe it has something to do with the turnover from French-Haiti to Spaniard rule as well as their African ancestry but of all the latin countries, they are by far the worst I have EVER heard.

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