Why do Mexicans speak Spanish even though though English is America's only legal language?

Why are they breaking the law?
Chela, are you an illegal immigrant??? go back to puerto rico!


  1. It is not breaking the law. English is the de facto language – accepted language – of the United States. No where has it ever been officially declared as a national language. The First Amendment also protects free speech. While I agree that people should speak English in business, schools, stores, gov’t., etc., I see nothing wrong with a person speaking another language in their homes, and to friends and family. My husband and I actually use another language to communicate when we don’t want the kids to understand us – its one they don’t know. So, if they’re speaking Spanish, or any language, privately and in personal conversations, so what? As long as they know English as well, I really don’t see a problem.

    Edit: Loretta – could you please give me a reference to which section, or what wording of the 14th amendment you are referring to?

    steddy voter
  2. They’re not, they are speaking their home language. I’m from another country but that dosen’t mean that I to speak English all the time. It’s not only Mexicans, they’re are also Chinese, Arabs…etc

  3. They don’t want to learn English! They want to overwhelm us until we give in to having a dual language society. Of course they don’t have a problem with that! It’s not their country that’s being screwed up! They’re breaking the law because they can get away with it and Americans are too ignorant of the consequences to stop it!

  4. in the 14th amendment it say we are to speak the language the Constitution was written in. our sorry govt does not enforce these laws. maybe that’s why we have citizens arrest rights. try enforcing this law. i would like to see if it works.

  5. Mexicans speak Spanish because it’s their language. I assume you are referring to Mexicans in America. That answer is because they don’t want to learn. I’ve seen it over and over. the children learn and the parents don’t. It’s laziness. BTY, America doesn’t have an official language, though I wish it did. Louisiana has 2 official languages..English and French. And just recently Arizona made English the official language in their state. Now the rest of the states need to follow suit. Also, English is the universal business language and members of other countries learn English, so why should we learn the language of the poor Mexicans who come over here?

  6. plain and simple menzo……because we mexican can speak spanish and sometime we value as two……heheeheee unlike you can’t even understand!!! and thats why we speak spanish!~!!! shit its a free country right???

  7. LOL legal language huh? lol too funny. Anyways, why do Chinese people speak Chinese eventhough they are in the US? Why do some Italians speak Italian…why do Brazilians speak Portuguese (and on and on and on….) when living in the US?! For one simple reason, it is what they know most, and only cuz they learn the English language doesn’t mean they should stop speaking their own language. I am Puerto Rican… I speak Spanish and English and even if it were to become illegal to speak anything other than English… I will still do it…damn go ahead and arrest me…I will never drop my language for anyone. You have to become more open to different cultures.. that’s what the US is.. a mix of different cultures!!! By the way.. not only Mexicans speak spanish… even people from Spain do.. wow.. did you know that?! lol

  8. Laws declaring English the Official Language are now on the books in several state and local governments.

    Nationally, though, no such law exists despite efforts of both Republicans and Democrats to effect such a law.

    People who refuse to learn the language show both disrespect and astonishing ignorance. Why would anyone, having made the decision that the ways of their home country have failed them and their family, hold on to those failed ways after leaving for a successful country? Most immigrants (LEGAL) pick up the language and culture and do their best to assimilate; are well-educated and contribute to the economy 1,000 times what manual laborers do. But the laborers find reason to be "proud"?

    What a disconcerting mindset of delusion!


  9. It is much easier to speak the language you grew up with when ever possible and specially speaking with the same ethnicity. I do not support mexicans assuming you speak spanish. Even in border towns, the mexicans, legal or illegal, always speak spanish. I guess they figure that this is there land, mexican land.

    old hoot
  10. I see your point even though is wrong. English is not USA official language., Have you heard free speech…and you can not send to Puerto Rico (any body) because Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth and is part of the USA., all you are doing is sending, who ever to another part of the USA and that doesn’t make sense. Please study a little bit more about our country the USA and then feel free to participate in Y/Q&A. We all be here waiting for you.. Good luck.

    alberto g
  11. Sorry to break it to you but the United States doesn’t have an official language.

    We have an unofficial language, English, in effect, a Lingua Franca.

    But we don’t have any documents that say that English is the official language of the US.

    Lo siento, mi amigo. Hay que aprender espanyol para comunicarte con los demas. (hehehehe)

    Translation: sorry my friend you must speak spanish to communicate with others.

  12. Because clearly they intend to take our country from us and make it part of Mexico. They also show it by planting Mexican flags on American soil, like they do at their businesses here in Okla. City. I believe they also use it as a sign that they are willing to do illegal business with Mexican citizens. ALOT of car lots have them.

    Zena P
  13. legal is not the same as official.

    you’re nothing but a clown. you have asked maybe the most stupid question ever asked. go ask the american indians for their opinion, you dumb!

  14. Mexicans speak in America what they speak in their country of ill repute! They have no intention of learning the language or the customs of the new land, they just bring their sh*t and cockroaches with them wherever they go!

    Mary W
  15. ok…about your comment…is it even possible to be illegal from puerto rico??? seriously….it’s part of the US.

    well, mexicans live in mexico…where spanish is the only official language. so…that’s why. and in america, it’s not illegal to speak a foreign language…we do not have a "legal" or "illegal" language.

    people who don’t want others to speak other languages are either a) stupid, b) stupid, or c) jealous and stupid. because nothing but good things can come out of being bilingual or multilingual. (and you didn’t say as to whether these mexicans speaking spanish, could or couldn’t speak english. if someone lives in the US and speaks english, but you hear them speaking something else…who the flip cares. they simply have a world that is vastly larger than yours. get over it.)

  16. Mexicans speak Spanish because in 1519 Hernan Cortes brought Catholicism and the Spanish language with him to the people of Tenochtitlan.

    language is what people speak…. it’s not what’s written as the official language. little by little the USA is slowly becoming browner and in español!!!!! and there is nothing you can do to change that. it is a reality. so chill out….. have a corona, listen to some shakira, and watch a telenovela!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. America doesn’t have any laws against speaking any language!! And the fact that you tell Chela that she is an illegal immigrant and needs to go back to Puerto Rico shows how ignorant you really are!! Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. You have no idea what you are talking about!

    Lisa T
  18. Because they don’t plan to live here forever so they don’t care to take the time to learn the language. Once they send enough of our money home they will go back there and live like kings.

  19. I agree with the smart people responding to this moronic question…..We do NOT have a legal language. So again as others have stated NO ONE is breaking the law.

    For the people that have such a problem with foreign languages I hope they or their children never take a Spanish High School class….or even attempt to visit a Spanish speaking country for vacation.

    This country is so full of hypocrites its ridiculous. I hope NONE of you close minded asses ever leave the United States. You will be in for one Hell of a shock!!!

    Christa K
  20. Because people can speak the language of their choice. What’s wrong with that? There is no law saying that it breaks the law and you should go to jail if you’re caught speaking another language. That’s just plain stupid.

  21. This is satire,right?I am sure that there are not any people who were born in the good ole USA who are that ridiculously ignorant.After all,we have the "No Child Left Behind"act.

    R B
  22. American English and Mexican Spanish is converging in language slowly overtime. Stopping with goverment laws is pointless at this time, and the British still can understand us 200 years from now, and then will be able too 200 years laters. Making English offical or unoffical is waste of taxpayers time and money. Mexico is giving America a latin Flavor, and Mexico is being given a little Anglo-Saxon flavour its blender mixing no harm been going on for over 150 years.

    hick k
  23. It’s not illegal to NOT speak English. Are we going to round up toddlers and handcuff them because they don’t speak English?
    English is the COMMON language of the U.S. It has not yet been declared the official language. And it’s not illegal to speak foreign languages.
    I personally believe everyone should know the common language of the country they live in but there’s nothing wrong with knowing several languages.

  24. People can speak any freaking language they want to in the US, it’s a free country. Yes, I think they should learn English ,but that doesn’t mean a person can’t speak more than 1 languages if they choose to. I speak 3 languages and am American….and I have never broken any law!!

    P.S. Puerto Rico is an American colony, so Puerto Ricans can not be in the US illegally considering they are American. Geez, you’re stupid. Now I know why Americans are looked down upon by foreigners.

  25. spanish is the second most common language in the us and 3rd most spoken language in the world so whats wrong with speaking it? And most spanish people come to the us to work and make money so doubt they have the time to learn english. My mom tried to learn english but with work and school right after she had no time to herself and had to give up.


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