Why do most Americans think that Mexican and Spanish are the same race?

They are two different races!


  1. cuz most americans are ignorant, they also think:
    all white people are racist
    all black people are criminals, hate education, and like hiphop
    all asians are smart and are chinese

    bottom line know one wants to spent time researching this stuff, not even smart people. It’s alot more convenient to group a whole bunch of people together soley based on their appearance

  2. I really don’t think most Americans think that…that’s just silly. They both speak Spanish so obviously they have that in common, but the countries are on two different continents, you’d have to be really stupid to think they were the same race.

    Amanda R
  3. Most Americans don’t think that. I agree with the above poster who pointed out that these are nationalities, not races.

    In the part of New Mexico where I live, the hispanic people consider themselves to be "Spanish." Clearly they are of Mexican descent but their forebears with names like Jaramillo, C’deBaca, and Velasquez were from Spain. "Spanish" differentiates them from Native Americans (although they are certainly of that lineage, too). The ones around here don’t call themselves "Mexican" because they aren’t from Mexico (the U.S. annexed this area) and they don’t self-identify with any of the other terms, so "Spanish" is kind of a default term.

    Ellen M
  4. Spanish people from Spain are considered caucasian. People from Latin America are mixed with Spaniards, native indian and african…they are considered hispanic or latino.


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