Why do most Americans think that Mexican and Spanish are the same race?

Most Americans I met told me that Mexicans and Spanish are the same race.They are not!They are two different races!What is up with this?


  1. I think most people see it the same way they would see Great Britain and the United States where it is certainly the same race. Most Americans don’t realize that dark skinned Spanish and Mexicans are so because of inter-marriage between whites and other ethnicities (Moors or Native Americans, as the case may be), and not because it is "always sunny" or whatever other reason they may have. Just smile and explain the difference and try not to be so upset. It may be hard, but you can’t blame people for something they have not been taught.

  2. They tell you this because they are naive. Mexicans can claim to be descendants from Spain, but they are not true Spaniards.

    Empt9: Yes Mexicans speak spanish but their spanish is laced with slang and is considered "poor man’s spanish" it is a lot different than spanish spoken in Spain.

  3. Because people love to gteneralize. S A merica should be viewed the same way Americans view Europe. Every country has a different history and culture just like european cultures.

    Joe D

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