1. same reason all blacks speak ‘ghetto’. People stereotype. I guess it’s also because of the rising amount of mexicans is the U.S. It is a pretty stupid assumption though. Seriously, there are several…SEVERAL spanish speaking countries. Ignorance is bliss.

  2. U.S. is right next to Mexico so they dont incounter lets say Spaniards as much as Mexicans and since all the Mexicans they see speak Spanish they just assume

  3. Mexicans get most of the media attention. Because of this, (US) Americans tend to think almost all illegal immigrants are Mexican. That makes about as much sense as thinking all Americans are from the United States.

    SC Polyglot
  4. god i hate that!! Ill be talking to someone and then someone will overhear and theyll be all like hows life in mexico? UHHH!!! im peruvian!!! The next thing theyll say is do you speak mexican!!!! thats a whole other language!!-sorry i had to get that out..=)

  5. Stereotypes. I lived in the US for a while and I’m from Spain (which is in Europe, and that’s something many people in the US don’t know). When people saw me they just saw a white guy, but when they listend to me speaking Spanish they thought I was from Mexico and, from that moment, I stopped being white and they put me in a different category.
    Don’t you think it is stupid? If I’m white I’m white ’til I die and if I’m not white I won’t be white in my life. I can’t change my race depending on somebody else’s stereotypes.
    I think they’ve gone too far in the US with all those stereotypes and racial categories.

    Mateo F
  6. Siiiiiii esa puta mierda me pasa también. A vezes no tengo ni puta idea que hacer. vivo en EEUU, soy estadounidense por nacimiento, soy español, nativo americano, y europeo (otras partes) y tengo el pelo rubio, rizao, y los ojos azules. Yet when I speak in castellano, ppl turn there heads, at first I was like get the fuck out my bisnis! Now I’m used to it, well even mexicans don’t expect it from me. Everyone stares when they DON’T here me speaking in English, oh well, podéis joderos! Anyways. Yeah just like you mateo. I’m white until all of a sudden, I don’t speak in english.

  7. Everybody who speaks Spanish here is Mexican, so if you speak Spanish people will think you are Mexican. It is the same deal with other ethnic languages. If you speak Korean, then people will think you are Korean.


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