Why do most Spanish teachers just speak Spanish in their classes?

Don’t you have to learn the vocabulary before you learn the language? What is the best way to learn Spanish? Could a person learn spanish by just listening to Spanish without knowing what the words meant?


  1. A lot of the time teachers want to you learn based on context. If a teacher waves to you and says "hola" each time you enter into a class you’ll start to pick up more than likely that that means "hello" without anyone giving you an English translation. Think about it, when you were a child you learn your first language 100% based on context of what those around you were saying and doing. That made it possible for you to learn it (to an extent) before you even got to school and laid your hands on a grammar book. I think it’s good that teachers do this because it gives a more natural way of learning a foreign language.

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  2. Upper level spanish class teachers speak spanish because they expect that at that high of a level of class that the students should understand. If a teacher speaks in just spanish in a beggining class( I mean very basic), he/she is an idiot. They must first begin to teach it in English so that the students grasp the concepts.

  3. Well, that’s how you learned your native language when you were a baby, was it not?

    It’s called "immersion learning" and it’s very effective. My English is proof that kind of thing works. If it hadn’t been for my accent, within six months of immigrating here no one would have known I wasn’t born here and would have though I was just a bit "slow" due to my response times. Now my English is nearly flawless I’ve been here so long.

  4. it would be better, if you didn’t know what a word was and keeped hearing it, then once you finaly learn what it means, you’ll alreayd have the word stuck in your head.

    but who knows, tha seeemed reasonable

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