why do people act like the word mexican is a racial slur?

i notice that most white people are scared to use the term mexican when speaking of mexicans. they call them spanish or central americans or some other inaccurate label. mexicans are very proud to be mexican and will say so loud and proud why are most white people so scared to use the term mexican?


  1. Because people like that are stupid, mexicans are VERY pround to mexican as you said, but i dont think white people are "scared" to use the term mexican. All i know is that they think its an insult. Which isnt. Oh and Marco, WAY more then 9% of mexicans look white. Im mexican and i look white as well. Mexicans that are in America may be dark, but when you go to mexico, everyone is fair skinned.

  2. No Not at all So don’t flatterer yourself
    I’m certainly not scared and if your cool to me then you will live like anyone else.
    if not then you can die like those iraqis. If you love america then i am right there beside you.

  3. People are dumb. Firstly, the majority of Mexicans look NOTHING like Spanish people. Some do, but that’s only the 9% of the country that is Caucasian. And not all Mexicans are proud. I know a girl that I have a crush on, and she is Mexican, but she is fair skinned, has green eyes, and dirty blond hair. You have to remember that many Mexicans (9%) are this way.

  4. In this backwards culture whitey gets the finger pointed at him for any fucking thing.
    why? the non whites "think" they are taking over. but they are not.


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