why do people alway ask me are you mexican and you look like it and do you speak spainsh?

ok so every where people always say you look mexican are you and do you speak spainsh it gets anoying
my mom is black white and north american
my dad is black and puerto rican
i have tan skin and long curly dark brown hair


  1. I am Mexican but I am white and people always ask where I’m from. I know it’s annoying but there’s nothing you can do. People are always interested in race and skin color even if they don’t talk about it openly. I just have fun with it. Sometimes I say I’m Ukrainian, or Greek, or whatever and people actually believe it. They believe when I make up a story, but they never believe I’m Mexican. People are uneducated and think all mexicans look dark, short, and dark hair, but there really is diversity in Mexico. If I’m in a bad mood I argue and tell them that mexican is a nationality not a race, but most of the time I just enjoy the attention.

    So you can live in a constant battle with ignorant society, or you can make fun of them!

    James Amigable
  2. Because people assume every Hispanic is from Mexico… Racist bastards!!

    p.s. Why is this in the "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered" section?


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