Why do people from other south american countries get so offended if you think they are mexican?

I have personally seen this many times. People really get upset if they are from say, Brazil, and are mistaken for a mexican. Is there some sort of elitism amongst south american countries that they feel they are better than mexicans. I have also heard plenty of people from Spain that think this way too. One person claimed that the "butchered" version of Spanish that Mexicans speak is basically slang. Anyway I think that explains what I’m trying to find out.
I wouldn’t bother or offend me at all to be mistaken for a canadian.


  1. I’m American, but I don’t get offended if someone thinks I’m Russian (which has happened). I wish I could move to Europe. I don’t blame anyone for coming here from another country either. I’m proud to be American, but not for the same reasons some people are. We have slave-owners on our currency. I don’t like country music, especially pop stuff. I’m not having kids or eating apple pie, or going to church. I guess I admit I love basketball and used to go ape shit over Christmas. Really though if you go back to classics, the music, the comedians, we had the best. The ironic thing is, as much racial tension there can be in the U.S. the only reason it’s great is because of the combo. We don’t grow up learning enough about other cultures. Racism is inherited. I love you all. aww group hug. Nah but you get the friggin point.

  2. Well, for one, people from Brazil are not even Spanish, they speak Portuguese and their ancestors were from Portugal. That would be like me listening to a French Canadian speaking French, and assuming they were American. Other South American countries have distinct cultures. I don’t think it is prejudice against Mexicans; people just don’t like being misidentified.

    Arthur Dent
  3. It’s offensive the fact that you hear “latin” and think of tequila, loud people (aayayayayyay), and stupid big hats, that’s just the mexican culture… the rest of latin americans have nothing to do with that. I think it’s also a racial issue, in mexico only like 10% of the population is white. In countries like argentina and uruguay 90% of the people are white. And in countries like brazil and venezuela half of the population is white. So when you travel you hear a lot of times: “oh, I thought everyone was dark in latin america” and that’s because of the mexicans.


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