Why do people in Spain speak Mexican?

Sorry butt copycats. They need to come up with their own language. Like maybe SpanishKanese or something.
People, where is your sense of humor?
Did it crawl up your butts along with that bug?


  1. The offical language in Spain is not "Mexican".
    It’s Castilian Spanish. Other languages like Catalan and Basque are also spoken in Spain along with dialects of Spanish like Valencian.

    The Spanish spoken in Mexico is not called "Mexican"!

    It does however differ from Castilian Spanish in several ways just as American English differs from British English!

    Go read a book! Or wiki spanish as a topic!

    J V
  2. Is this a joke? La Real Academia de la Lengua Española in Spain, will be greatly offended.
    Spanish is the official language of Spain and the former Spanish colonies. Meaning Latin America.
    Every country in Latin America speaks Spanish, however they do have expressions that characterize their own individual culture. These are compiled in dictionary type books called…in the case of Mexico "mexicanismo". Folckoristic expressions that are part of the Mexican culture, but that in no manner represent the creation of a new language or dialect derived from Spanish.

    I gently advised you to educate yourself, before making absurd statements!!!

  3. It’s European solidarity; the Spanish are showing their support for the Brits in our use of American as a language and for the French in their use of Canadian.

  4. I have a better question. Why do they think they are white? People who live in Spain are not white. They are a Spanish race. That is why their skin color is brown.

    Mr. Pregnant

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