Why do people look at me like they're mad when me and my friends speak spanish in public?

I can be out anywhere with my latino friends or my family and when we speak spanish there is always somebody there to give us a dirty look.Its like I’m speaking a forbidden language or something.It almost makes me want to go gangster on them.I am I the only one that has experienced this?


  1. the USA has made a specific point of having no national language, they are acting both disrespectful and uneducated. Either that or they think you are insulting them because they were playing cubefeild during their freshman Spanish class.

  2. Probably think you’re illegal immigrants or something, just because you speak Spanish. They should have paid more attention to Spanish in school is what I say. I tell my nieces they should learn it at school. You can’t be angry at something you know and understand.

  3. Theyre not jealous. They look at you that way because they cannot understand your language. Either that or they dislike immigrants. My parents are both immigrants and my mom is from jamaica and she gets odd reactions from her accent.

    Anne C
  4. i have this problem most of the time, i’m hatian, it’s most likely because they feel as though you’re talking about them, or because you’re in america and they feel you should speak english or else you’re probably hiding something

  5. i haven’t really experienced this personally but i would have to say that generally the person who hears it does not really know what to think about the situation and is looking at you funny because they are curious to find out what you might be saying. We do have a lot of paranoid people (especially where i live) and they might just automatically assume that you are talking bad about them. Either way they are just curious to find out what you might be saying to each other(because they’re nosy). But sometimes thats just how their face looks all the time.

  6. My best friend is Mexican and his mom had an awful experience at Starbucks the other day. She was talking to her husband in spanish on the phone in Starbucks, and when she hung up a man came up to her and said "If you live in our country, you speak our f•cking language." People like this are a bane on the American culture as a whole. I can assure you that we are not all as•holes like that creature of a man. Personally, I am fascinated with the Spanish langauge, and when people around me are speaking it, i LOVE it. Keep speaking whatever language you speak. One of my other idiotic countrymen who answered on here is wrong in saying that you have to like how we made our country. What he forgets is that we are all immigrants here, and we purposefully have no official language. We welcome all languages and people from all walks of life. We are all ‘commoners’ here. That is why I love my country very much and why I would die for my country. That is also why I do everything I can to change public opinion of the United States abroad. We are not all close-minded idiots who know nothing about the world. Some us are fascinated with the world. Others fit the stereotype exactly.

    All in all, you are welcome to speak whatever language you feel like speaking in our country. That is part of who we are as a nation. If someone tries to tell you otherwise, politely ask them to research their country’s history. Do not ‘go ganster’ on them, as that will only further their infinite ignorance. They are not true Americans if they do not value other cultures and other languages. As I said, they are a curse to our culture here.


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