Why do people look at me like they're mad when me and my friends speak spanish in public?

I can be out anywhere with my latino friends or my family and when we speak spanish there is always somebody there to give us a dirty look.Its like I’m speaking a forbidden language or something.It almost makes me want to go gangster on them.I am I the only one that has experienced this?


  1. The matter is that you are speaking in an English Speaking country, if you know the English language and your friends do as well, then why not speak English?

    Ryan Reynolds
  2. People are suspicious when they can’t understand what you’re saying. In most countries it’s considered rude to not learn the language of the country you live in so they’re probably assuming you don’t speak English.

    guinevere Sawa
  3. Who cares what they think? I think it’s cool when people speak Spanish around me. Cause I took four years of high school and it’s kind of a way to practice remembering. And also other languages are fun to hear, it’s interesting to me. Maybe they’re just confused. Or maybe they’re ignorant idiots who think diversity is a bad thing. Either way, just ignore it. I’m sure there are many more people who don’t glare at you than those who do.

  4. I took your question seriously until you said, "it makes me want to go gangster on them", obviously they think you are saying something negative about them, it doesn’t matter, i’m white and i could care less what spanish speaking people say, or even english speaking people say, it’s society, get used to it.

    Nick Knight
  5. i do not speak another language. I can answer why, probably though. Most people would assume that you are speaking a foreign language because you were talking bad about them. It is a common misperception. we would assume that you know how to speak English, but choose not to because you wanna say something you dont want me to understand. Just saying…

  6. Thats so funny! LOL
    I have a similar problem, it could be because, like people said, they think youre talking bad about them and they cant understand or because (no offense) they are racists. I know for me, personally, people hated Indians in my town and gave them dirty looks for being a minority because its unlikely that any group of people will roam around the streets talking badly about people 24/7!

    Priya Patel
  7. idk sometimes Im out in a restaurant then theres a mexican family talking really loud in spanish and literally laughing out loud. Idk if its like that in mexico, but it gets annoying. If your not being loud I guess they just think since your in an english speaking country speaking spanish for some reason they get mad.

    Tap or Snap
  8. A lot of people I know consider it rude to speak Spanish (in public, surrounded by other people) in an English speaking country. As other people have said, some may think that you are speaking badly about them to your friends or family in Spanish. Would you like it if you were out and about and a group of people around you suddenly started speaking French or Arabic?

    Le Loup
  9. Well it depends. Perhaps they think that you’re saying something offensive, or maybe that you’re just showing off, like "Look at me, I know two languages" get it?

  10. In American (and most other) societies, it is considered rude to speak a foreign language in the presence of those who do not understand it. i.e. french in spain, greman in france, spanish in the US, english anywhere outside the US (with few exceptions)

    It is also the opinion of many Americans that latinos are illegal aliens (ignorance at it’s finest) and are offended by your mere presence.

  11. It angers them that you refuse to adapt to American culture

    I am not saying that you do, not even that you must, but that is what they feel

    ⁂ δσςεο ⁂
  12. Just tell them politely that you are a foreigner from (pick a country) visiting their beautiful country and only you ( add whomever you like) speak English.
    There you got your "revenge" by playing head games rather than going "gangster" on them.

    Le Bon Canuck
  13. Siempre me pasa lo mismo. Americans are not generally xeophonic and not tolerant of foreigners who don’t adapt to their culture. Ignorance, I guess… People hear me speaking spanish with my dad and ask "wait, but you’re not Mexican?" way too often… it’s ridiculous.

    Joanna Lucia

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