1. some people do say that Mexican and Spanish are of the same heritage but their not Spanish people are White Mexicans are a mixture of Spanish and American Indian ancestry most Mexicans are Mestizo Some are Mexicans are 100% White Spanish some Mexicans are 100% American Indian

  2. They are in a way.

    The Mexicans have Spanish blood. When the Spanish came to Mexico..they raped the natives and now most of Mexico is mixed, but a lot of them have Spanish blood, the lighter they are the more Spanish they have in them. There are also some Mexicans who are of full Spanish decent and other Europeans hertiages…

    I remember a Spaniard that I used to work with and he was tanned as hell,and he would get mad when they would mistake him for Mexican he would ne like IM NOT MEXICAN!!!,and I would ne like Shut up beaner! lol Im Mexican American byt the way so no offense with that word..but yeah If you call a SPaniard Mexican he gets mad and Mexicans will beat you down if you call them an evil Spaniard…since they dont want to be mistaken for having Arab/African blood like the spanish


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