Why do people speak different languages?… Why can't they all speak American or Mexican or anything else?????


  1. Haha..What does this have to do with astronomy and space? Cultures developed different languages in different regions of the world. Who chooses which language is the Earth’s? English is one of the most difficult languages to learn. (By the way, Mexican isn’t a language) (Nor is American)

  2. This is in the wrong category. Also, you should note that ‘American’ and ‘Mexican’ are not languages. English and Spanish are the languages you are thinking of.

  3. Languages developed differently in different places, some are even very similar to others. China has many different dialects all by itself. some so different that they would have to have a translator. for every body to speak the same would be impossible, no one country would think it`s language best, they all would.

    Dan N
  4. Mexicans speak SPANISH. Most Americans speak ENGLISH. And I don’t know of any astronomers or people interested in ASTRONOMY who care at all.

  5. First thing is American and Mexican are NOT languages; the actual names are English and Spanish.

    Thousands of years ago, when the human began to appear all over the world, there hasn’t been any transportation.

    So, if I may make a guess, each group of people started to develope their own language.

    The wizard

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