Why do people speak English in San Diego? Isn't that a disrespect to Mexican culture?

San Diego is basically a Mexican city and therefore people speaking English are disrespecting Mexican culture. This is very offensive


  1. If you really think that speaking some language is offensive, you’re at least overreacting a bit. (quite a lot actually) Furthermore, San Diego is a American city, right? Most of the people speak english in the US, right?

  2. English should be relegated to second-class status in San Diego to show preference to the Mexican culture. Sure, maybe if San Diego were actually administered by the Mexican government it would be the same kind of festering pig hole like most of the Mexican republic, but we should bestow the language honor on them.

    I also believe there should be grammar police to enforce proper use of the Spanish language. If someone shows a lack of knowledge about the gender of nouns, they should be given the same treatment as a kid’s pinata on his birthday. Let’s face it, if the Pope comes to California and you wear a t-shirt that says, "Yo Vi La Papa", you will also insult His Eminence because you just said you saw the POTATO, not the Pope.

    Yes, grammar too must be enforced, harshly!!!


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