Why do people who speak Spanish sound as if they are talking very fast?

I’m not being prejudice or anything at all like that but, when someone talks Spanish it sounds faster then English—why is that?


  1. One reason is that when natives speak it’s usual for them to no take pauses or slow down to emphasise things. Two, when they roll their R’s it’s so natural that it sounds fast. Three, some Spanish speakers just talk fast, it’s a habit. I know when I speak Spanish sometimes it sounds fast to me and I’m not even a native speaker, it’s just the way the language it’s not hard to talk fast, the language just rolls off your tongue.

  2. It seems like they are talking fast, but really they aren’t. You are used to hearing english, so if someone is speaking really fast, you don’t notice. But if you are trying to figure out what someone is saying in another language, it seems really fast.

  3. Because you are not use to the language so to you it would seem like really fast I think the same when the people who speak japanese talk I assume they talk really fast but I think that only because I don’t know the language

  4. It really depends on the person…

    BUT I have noticed that certain Spanish speakers from certain countries and certain parts of countries do tend to speak much, much faster.


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