why do people who speak spanish talk so fast?

I mean, my friend taught me some spanish, and she speaks spanish, but when she speaks it, she doesnt talk so fast. They speak to fast
"am i right" has been awhile for a long time. Im not stealing it from someone else. stupid broad.


  1. No, you’re not right. People speak their native langauage at the same speed as everybody else speaking another language.

    You just can’t translate quickly enough. Next time you’re ion the middle of a conversation, stop and pay attention to the speed of the English being spoken – it’s no faster or slower.

  2. It’s our native language. Sounds fast to you because you dont know it

    I can assure you, before I learnt English, every English speaking person spoke at 100 miles an hour

    Andrés - Campeones del mundo =D
  3. Even though you’re a troll you’re right , ha . They do speak fast . Especially Dominicans !
    Certain Spanish people speak faster then others. It’s not just the fact that we aren’t fluent , people who are Spanish as well agree Dominicans and others speak really fast …..

    мαяια(ℓιƒє gσєѕ ση) ツ
  4. i´m spanish speaker and I think that english speakers talk fast too and is harsh to understand! the native speakers talk so fast because they have more domain at the language.
    also depends which country is your friend from, for example in cuba the people talk faster than normal. is their accent.

    tokio X

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