Why do signs have the sign in Mexican below the American version?

I don’t speak Mexican. This is America! Learn the language!


  1. Mexicans actually speak Spanish so the language you’re referring to is Spanish. Oh and it is also a very popular language in America. I’m English and even I know that and I’m as thick as anything.

  2. Um , the language is SPANISH . Not mexican , mexican is not a lanuage . &’ It’s because so many hispanics come here without knowing any english . I agree though , I don’t see how someone can live in america without knowing the language . It must be so hard O.o They should at least learn some basics of english before they move here .

  3. First off it’s spanish, and secondly it has it in spanish because there are a lot of immigrants coming to America from Mexico to work and make money for their families back in Mexico and America is just trying to do something for these immigrants because this country was founded by immigrants

    Matt Hose
  4. first of all mexican isn’t a language. It’s called spanish, and if you go to any country this is the case. In china for example many signs are written in english. It is a cnvenience to people who speak spanish, Americas second most prominent language. By the way america has been a melting pot of cultures for years. Your ancentors probably came here from germany or france, or some other country and you have just as much right here as anyone.

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  5. ummm… as far as i knew America was a continent not a country second of all mexican is not a language its a country and the language they speak is spanish and third of all they do it because other people from other countries come here to visit or U.S. citizens go to there countries and need to read labels to be able to understand!

    :] :/ ???!!!???
  6. mexicans speak spanish.the reason the sign is in spanish underneath is because there are lot of people in america that can only speak spanish or can’t speak english very well.In canada the signs are in english and french because in Quebec and the northern parts of ontario,people speak french

    there are a lot of mexicans in america especially in the southern states because it is so close to mexico
    they put the signs in 2 languages so no one can give an officer the excuse that they didn’t understand the sign:)

    hope this cleared things up for ya 🙂

  7. Mexican is a language. Look up my posting in this same page to other questions. Dios mio ilumina a estas creaturas perdidas por que al parecer sabesmos mas de lady gaga y fifty cent que historia y no digo que yo sea un einstein, claro que no! Ignorance is bliss! Ummmmm I wonder if 50cent & gaga would do a colabo.. lol america is a continet & those who speak spanish are illigals? Some are illigals just like some that only speak english but hey why follow ignorant comments I’ll let you be happy on your ever eternal bliss. Good for you & as said in Texas “god bless your heart”< & if you are so good in english you will understand what this frase means lol I'm so chuckling.


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