Why do so many Mexicans not learn to speak English?

They want to be accepted here – why not learn to speak, read and write English??


  1. I think a lot of it has to do with it is so easy for them to function without knowing English. If America were less accommodating, I think they would be more likely to learn.

  2. Because they have morons telling them not to worry about it and that we (Americans) should assimilate to them, not the other way around.

    -Hey Hold Em Rox – they don’t learn English when they move to North Dakota. My granny lives in a really small town here and about 12 moved up there in a group (into a tiny trailer house – so white trash of them) and didn’t learn English. It’s okay though because no one would hire them here and they started a meth lab and got arrested within six months of their arrival.

    Kris B
  3. Because a whole lot of them don’t WANT to assimilate .. they don’t WANT to become citizens … they don’t need to learn English for what they’re doing … and let’s face it, this country is bending over backwards with all their press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish nonsense … they don’t need English for handouts … schools are providing education in Spanish … let’s face it, why should they bother?

  4. First of all, get off the Mexicans. Not every Hispanic immigrant is from Mexico, although I believe the majority is from there.

    For some of them, especially older people, it can be a daunting task to try to learn a foreign language, and it’s much simpler to live, work, and do business in a totally Spanish-speaking community. I have to admit, they’re braver than I am; I don’t know if I could go live in a country whose language I couldn’t speak, especially if those people didn’t speak mine.

    Yes, the people of ALL nationalities who come here SHOULD learn English. But we’re dreaming.

    On the other hand, while talking with my Danish friend today, he said that 90% of all Danes speak (really speak) English, and about 70% also speak German, plus a smattering of other languages. What’s wrong with the USA that we’re so closed to learning other languages? For me, being bilingual is a beautiful thing!

  5. I am sort of mad about this! Mexicans want to turn the USA in to a second Mexico. I see them in the streets protesting. Man that sort of makes me angry! My family came to this land in 1622, that makes me sort of an all American mutt! When Mexicans come here and want me to learn Spanish well it sort of makes me mad! Where were thee guys when I fought in Vietnam? They weren’t there! Where are they when my son fought in Desert storm? They weren’t there Where were these guys when my dad fought in WWII, they weren’t there! O now I am to give up my country, the country my father, me and my son fought for? NO WAY!

    Listen you Mexicans, if you are here I am going to tune you In. You pull a gun on me, and I will shoot you!

  6. Is that really Angela or an imposter? You should know if you don’t already it was mecha that took us to court to have bilingual education in the first place.

  7. Do you think it easy to learn another langauge? What makes you think they are not taking classes at nights, or watching tv to learn? Mexicans newly arrivals whether legal or illegal have a desire to learn, expecially for their kids to learn because they know English is needed for them to get a better job when they grow up.
    If you moved to France, how well do you speak French? How long will it take you to learn?

  8. This is really a racist question. Many Mexicans know English. The ones that don’t maybe haven’t been given an opportunity to do so. Although I agree that people living in America should learn English, I think your question is one of hate and not really wanting to know why.

  9. I think it is partly cause when they get here they (of course) are going to live around other people that are Mexican, they get into their comfort zone….it is quite easy to live here in the states and not have to learn English, especially in areas with high numbers of Latinos. They see that they really don’t need to learn English, that they can get by without knowing it quite easily! Now if they were to move out of their comfort zone…say to North Dakota they would probably learn English….they would have to out of necessity.
    Do I think it’s ok not to learn English? NO I don’t, if you come here then learn the language don’t expect anyone to cater to you!

    Hold em Rox

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