Why do some Mexican-Americans feel its degrading to speak Spanish?

I was born in Mexico but was raised in the USA. When I saw them acting this way it made me feel sad. If you have the apportunity to learn and it’s going to benefit you in a positive way, would you not want to learn? I know that English is first and that’s why I’ve studied hard to learn it. My theory: If they are heard speaking spanish, people will automatically think they are foreing, not American born. I’m proud to be Trilingual. I also took french in HS.


  1. Because they know its rude to speak in spanish around other people who dont. It further separates us ALL. Which is the problem with mexicans and Americans.

    Mz. America
  2. Mexicans who do not want to speak english need to be deported. They are disrespectful and hard headed and they only cause more paperwork and money for Americans.
    They are useless.

    Jenna Ray

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